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Recruiting Rockstars: The 5 Best Job Sites to Post Your Open Position

By Sarah Landrum, Last Modified
Apr 07, 2016
> Human Resources

When it comes to finding the top talent for your company, you want the person with the best skills, the best personality fit and the best potential for growth.

It can be a tall order for an in-house recruiter.

However, there are a lot of job boards out there, and the perfect addition to your team is out there, too.

You just don’t want to keep revisiting the same old job sites, finding the same run-of-the-mill candidates.

Depending on the type of job you have open and the kind of person you’re looking for, you may want to investigate some of the more niche job boards that are out there.

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Here are five of the best job sites to post your open position and reach the talent you’re looking for: 

1. Best All-Around Job Board: Indeed

Stacked up against the most popular in the field, like Linkedin and Monster, Indeed is the best bang for your buck as a job poster.

With a database of more than 15 million resumes and traffic that exceeds 21 million unique site visitors per month, it’s easily the most popular and well-known job board out there.

If your perfect candidate is looking for a job, chances are they’re looking on

With Indeed, there’s no fee to post a job, and you pay for the traffic you receive on a cost-per-click basis.

Most CPC prices run between 25 cents and $1.50, keeping your costs as an employer down.

Overall, Indeed’s job board is cost-efficient, easy to use and broad-reaching. 

2. Best Job Board for Entry-Level Hires: CollegeRecruiter

Looking to add fresh talent to a young, hungry team? Looking for the perfect intern for the summer? The way to recruit young talent is to go to where they are most often, and that’s online through numerous channels.

When entry level or internship-seeking candidates search for jobs, they’re often more preoccupied with finding any job than with finding the perfect job.

That means your problem probably isn’t normally the number of applicants you receive, but rather, it’s the quality of them.

To solve the conundrum, try posting your open position on

In addition to the standard job posting capabilities, CollegeRecruiter offers packages for recruiters and businesses that include mobile and display advertising, targeted email campaigns and virtual career events, to name just a few.

With all the added benefits, you’ll be able to cut through the chaff quickly and easily to find your perfect entry-level hire. 

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3. Best Niche Job Board You Didn’t Know You Needed: VetJobs

Here’s a fact: More than 800,000 veterans are currently unemployed in the United States.

These are men and women who have served their country and are well equipped with a wide range of skills that can be used in civilian jobs.

Not all former military members are looking for jobs in the government or similar public sectors, either.

Post your job to a site that targets former members of the armed forces, like

Sponsored by the VFW and endorsed by many veteran and active military organizations, VetJobs was established to bridge the gap between veterans and civilian employers.

Not only does VetJobs host more than 200,000 active job listings with 600,000 site visitors each month, but it also provides information and resources for employers about the reasons to hire veterans and how to help veterans transition to civilian jobs.

Your next goal-oriented, highly valuable team player could be a veteran of the armed forces. 

4. Best Job Board for Nontraditional Positions: Craigslist

If your company is looking for someone with a unique skill or nontraditional work habits, look no further than Craigslist.

Craigslist is notorious for being somewhat quirky and kind of a "hit or miss" place to get most things; dates, furniture, housing, support groups, etc., but you never know when you might find the perfect candidate for your job opening.

Looking for a juggler to stand in front of your storefront for two hours per day?  Look for them on Craigslist.

Need someone to do data entry remotely for a month? Try posting on Craigslist.

Posting open jobs on Craigslist is free in a lot of places, but in some areas, there is a small fee.

For niche businesses, small retailers or other organizations without a huge budget, Craigslist can be a great place to find your next hire. 

5. Best Job Board for Executives: The Ladders

When you’re looking for high-quality talent in a high-powered position, they often come with a long resume and a high salary.

If you post that executive job on a general jobs board, chances are you’re going to get a lot of unqualified applicants.

Eliminate that possibility by targeting your job posting to the people on

TheLadders is a job site exclusively for high-income positions. It’s free to sign up, and their matching service will help you find the best candidates for your open position.

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More than six million high-quality professionals have their profiles and resumes on TheLadders, and because of its target audience, you know you’ll be reaching the people you want.

Finding candidates can seem daunting, especially when the resumes start to pile up.

However, using these sites to help find your next hire can speed up the process, and make sure you’re truly getting the best fit for your company.

Sarah Landrum
Sarah Landrum
See Sarah Landrum's Profile
Sarah Landrum is a marketing specialist and freelance writer. She is also the founder of Punched Clocks, a site on which she shares advice for professionals to find happiness and success in their careers. Subscribe to her blog newsletter and follow her on Twitter @SarahLandrum to get more great advice to grow your business and career.
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