The 5 Most Effective Problem Solving Strategies for the Overwhelmed Marketer / Work Life / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

In the field of online marketing, it is easy to get overwhelmed and in the weeds. Here are five troubleshooting strategies.

Functioning successfully in today’s dynamic, constantly-changing, online marketing world is a challenge for any beginner.

Don’t sweat it if you face problems with strategy or tactics, the most experienced marketers are also at a loss sometimes when problems occur.

The main thing to remember is that the problem can be solved and coming up with smart solution requires a few classic strategies that you can apply when trying to isolate problems with digital marketing campaigns.

Try these five classic techniques to navigate the maze of troubleshooting marketing campaigns and overall strategy.

The Reason Behind Common Problems

Marketing teams often face problems such as low sales, low user engagement levels, lack of new ideas, lack of proper tools, etc. All of these issues seem like they would have different causes but most of these difficulties boil down to the following four reasons:

  • Your expectations are too high
  • You think online marketing is a magic solution that will produce instant results
  • You haven’t developed proper awareness of how to market your brand and company vision
  • You haven’t taken the time to understand the rules, patterns, and culture of online marketing

Strategy #1: Simplify Your Task

Simplify complicated work. Divide your tasks into manageable subtasks that have a measurable outcome so that you can track your progress. Tracking progress is important because it keeps you motivated and lets you refine the strategy in the future by allowing you to see the mistakes you made.

This should be the golden rule for a marketer who tends to overthink and get lost in the labyrinthine windings of his or her own mind. Thinking about the myriad of ways and approaches to the task will make it impossible for you to complete it.

It is good to be curious, but over-thinking will lead to a drop in the quality of work, and will give you less time to actually do the task. There may be a million different solutions to the assignment, but you only generate leads from the one you actually use.

Simplifying will help you overcome the dreaded "analysis paralysis" that plagues overthinking and over -analytical people.

So, to simplify:

  • Work on one part at a time
  • Redefine the problem if needed

Strategy #2 Get to the Root of the Task

This technique is similar to the simplifying technique but does not concern itself with problem components. Getting to the root of the marketing issue implies isolating the source of the problem. The aim is to identify what caused the problem in the first place. Think of this as mentally zooming in on the problem.

Answer these three questions to understand what the issue is:

  1. What happened before the problem?
  2. What happened during the problem?
  3. What happened after the problem occurred?

Strategy #3: Seek External Help

One person cannot know everything, if you feel out of your depth, then look towards external sources that you can utilize, there are lots of ways you can use:

  • Ask an expert
  • Work with someone else.
  • Find relevant written material-Use the library or Internet whichever you prefer
  • Use a fixed formula or framework that have been developed by experts
  • Ask marketing consultants (like Anthony Robins) about new options and unexplored avenues.
  • Hire an inbound marketing agency

Strategy #4: Logic and Experience- The Silver Bullet

This is a time-tested technique, in fact every marketer should use this technique when it comes to solving problems or identifying opportunities.

Look at the problems you faced in the past, focus on how they were solved and what strategies were best. You will see a common pattern developing from those strategies. Try a similar approach to the current issues.

Never mistake your assumptions for truths. The external world does not work according to your assumptions. Always question your pre-conceived notions even if you have a lot of experience, don’t take it for granted that the market is predictable, human behavior and the economic forces will always surprise you.

Strategy #5: Defeat the Defeatist Attitude & Get Into a Problem Solving Mindset

Try to maintain a positive attitude, negativity will not help and will sap your creative energies. Creativity is the lifeblood of innovative marketing campaigns, negative assumptions will seep into your process and narrow your viewing field.

  • Look at the problem as a challenge
  • Think confidently and be persistent in your efforts. It will pay off in the long-run
  • Set goals which align with basic values of your company

The world of marketing is expanding at a rapid pace, even the savviest marketing teams face a tough task when it comes to keeping up with the latest tools and technologies that are being introduced in the arena of promotion and marketing. When at a loss for solutions switch gears and try these traditional and highly generalized techniques.

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