Thou Shalt Not Tweet: The 7 Deadly Social Media Sins / Social Media / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Many companies and brands are repeat offenders when it comes to social media don'ts. Here are the 7 deadly social media sins to avoid.

Social media marketing has been a mot du jour for several years now, to the point where most outbound marketing and SEM professionals have become convinced they know how to do it right.

The point here is not to undermine the expertise of such household names like Mari Smith, Stephanie Sammons, or Koka Sexton. They were repeatedly heralded as the leaders of the 2014 social media marketing industry and just about everybody else on the scene has a lot to learn from them. This, in turn, serves to further drive the point of this post home: with a plethora of legitimate resources on social media marketing available out there, it’s amazing to see some companies and brands repeat the same mistakes time and again.

Check out the cheat sheet of the 7 capital sins of trying to sell via social networking platforms below; and try to steer clear of them.

Sin 1: Quantity over quality

Social media has never been about numbers. It’s a perfectly human trait to seek strength in numbers, but don’t fall trap to amassing cohorts of followers, fans, shares, and re-tweets.

Nowadays, those companies that promise to buy you thousands of followers are becoming all but obsolete, thanks to new and improved policies that target them. Virtually all the major channels have such policies; which only highlights the fact that it doesn’t matter how big a following you have. Your goal is to win over the people who would actually care about your brand.

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Sin 2: Not enough engagement

We live in the age of the information overload. With users being constantly bombarded with content, your goal is to keep them engaged. Post regularly, target them via newsletter, app, and Facebook, if that’s what they use, and make your content truly engaging. There are currently 176 million online buyers. Want their buck? Then speak to what they care about, not to their wallets, whenever you happen to remember the potential of social media marketing.

Sin 3: A lackluster personality

Some brands are family friendly. Others are dynamic and funny (like Oreo and their famous 2013 Superbowl online presence). Your brand personality can be whatever you choose it to be – just don’t forget to create one. Polls indicate that only 22 per cent of businesses in the United States think it’s important to actually develop a personalized online identity of the brand.

Sin 4: All manual, all the time

Ever heard of efficiency? How about scheduling tools? In 2015, it’s silly to think you can manually manage several social media account. Try HootSuite or any other automatized tool that will take care of the dirty work for you. If you’ve never used them before, trust us when we tell you that you’ll be thankful for it.

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Sin 5: Social media overdrive

It’s easy to fall prey to all the shiny new platforms and apps that keep popping up these days. Ello, the privacy-focused alternative to Facebook sounded exciting, right? Snapchat, too, and a whole bunch of fresh ideas. However, don’t underestimate the fact that Facebook boasts well over 1.2 billion users. Before you head on down to the next best thing, focus on the tested-and-true avenues of social media marketing.

Sin 6: Same thing, different channel

Hopefully, you know by now that it’s completely pointless to reiterate the same message across social media platforms. YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook all come with specific expectations from the content they deliver. Don’t bore your audience by providing the same sort of tired message over and over again, off different platforms.

Sin 7: Spammy spam-spam

If you’re still bombarding ‘potential buyers’ with unsolicited emails, on addresses you bought from another company… perhaps you should check out Social Media Marketing 101. There are tons of great resources out there – and they will all tell you that spam does nothing but annoy and drive users away. It’s 2015, get with the program.

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