9 Things You Shouldn't Do When Creating an eBook

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

eBooks are the secret weapon of content marketing. Make sure you avoid these 9 painful mistakes when creating an eBook.

So you're planning to write an eBook? Awesome.

An eBook really is the secret weapon of content marketing. It holds the key to that golden door of credible, valuable leads. Everything from your blogs, videos and infographics have all been pushing your prospects towards this point: Swapping their contact details for your content.

And once you've got that, you can finally start to target people who are actually interested in what you are selling. So it's not something to get wrong, is it?

Check out these 9 painful mistakes to make sure that you don't make a single one of them...

#1. Forget who you're writing for

Number 1 rule when creating an eBook? Write for your audience. Unfortunately many marketers get lost in thinking that they should make an eBook all about them. But your audience doesn’t care about you, not yet anyway.

They want to read something that will address their problems, and will show them how they can solve that problem. When creating your eBook, speak in their language, and show them the solutions that they're looking for.

#2. Deciding you're too cool for a plan

Attempting to create an eBook without a plan is like trying to win the Tour de France on a unicycle. It's not big and it's not clever.

Sure you may feel confident in what you're writing about, but you still need to put a strategy in place to give your eBook the right structure.

Think about the message that you want to get across and map out each chapter with a few pointers on each one before you start.

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#3. Not adding ANY value

The reason you're creating this eBook is to offer it in exchange for their contact details. So you gotta make it worthwhile for them to do so.

Imagine downloading content that offered nothing more than something you could find on a quick Google search. Not only is that a waste of your time, but you'll then have then have the pleasure of some 'cowboy' company contacting you trying to sell you something!

You need to convince that person that you are the ultimate expert. That way, you'll build their trust so when it comes to your sales calls, they will listen to what you have to say.

#4. Having no stats to back up your case

So I've made it clear that you need to offer value to their lives, but if you have no stats to back up what you're saying then your eBook is just going to fall flat on its face.

Think about doing market research into your product so you can find out what your peers think. That way you can use that research to reinforce the points you are trying to make. This will further confirm that you are an expert at what you do!

#5. Including zero graphics

You know that old saying: too much text spoiled the content? Hmm, ok well it should be a saying because making anything too wordy can be really off-putting.

Sure you gotta create a good story, with valuable information that your audience can learn something from. But that doesn’t mean that you have to include it as one giant block of text.

Break your eBook up with interesting graphics and examples of the points you are making. And remember, white space is ok!

#6. Giving it a lame title

Your title is key to getting those downloads! It needs to be clear, concise and compelling so that people know what they can expect and why they should download it.

When it comes to marketing, some of the most best ideas include 'how-to' titles, top tips, mistakes not to make, or case studies. Keep it short, clear and make sure that it stands out.

#7. Having no defined theme

So you've put tons of effort into the content, but what about the design? This is a great chance for you to get your creative juices flowing and design a book that people actually enjoy looking at.

A clear theme throughout the book will help to tell the story and keep people engaged. Remember to think about your brand and pick out copy that you can bring to life with colors and graphics. Remember, it's ok to have fun!

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#8. Striking out on your launch

You've finally made it to the launch of your eBook! But your hard work isn’t over yet. Now is the time to promote the hell out of your content so that it gets the recognition that it deserves!

Once you've launched it, make sure your other channels are prepped for promotion. Create an eBook landing page, link back to it on your social platforms, create banners, link to it from your homepage and your blogs, tell influencers about it, set aside an advertising budget and be committed to getting it front of your audience.

#9. Not optimizing your landing page

The final mistake to make, and it's a big one, is not correctly optimizing your landing page. I can't stress enough how important your landing page is in getting those people to give you their details so you can start to convert them.

My advice? Follow these top tips to creating the perfect landing page:

  • Don't request more contact information than you need
  • Keep the headline clear
  • Explain the value of your eBook
  • Use bullet points to outline the benefits
  • Add social icons so people can share it
  • Include a relevant image or video
  • Remove any links and navigation so people can't go elsewhere
  • Shout about your awards – include testimonials

Closing thoughts

Coming from a content marketing background myself, it's hard when I see people making some of these classic mistakes. Problem is, people often don't have the time to put their full efforts into it...

If you're one of those people and are struggling to create an awesome eBook then give Wyzowl a call today!

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