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The Art of Focus: 10 Zen-Based Habits To Motivate You

Business.com / Work Life / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Applying zen to your life can bring about a radical change in your focus, dedication and positivity. Here are 10 ways to make work for you.

It is possible to tap into the power of the zen school of thought when it comes to business.

In essence, zen is meditation, and it utilizes the power of thoughts, intuition and the power of being able to focus on what is truly important in life.

Even if you aren't completely "zen" yet, you can still incorporate zen motivational habits to assist you in making the positive changes you want in your life a reality.

These ten motivational habits should be practiced as needed, but on a daily basis if possible to truly get the benefits of zen.

They will allow you to harness your full potential in ways you never imagined if you practice them and engage in them fully!

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1. Picture Your Goals

It is one thing to think of your goals and to have a fluid sort of concept in your mind, but it is much more powerful to have images that you see. Cut out pictures from magazines, download from the internet or create your own images and post them where you see them every day.

2. Write Down Your “Mini” Goals

To achieve your bigger goals in life, you need a road map of mini-achievements or goals. Write this on a chart, a spreadsheet or a timeline and refer to it. This will ensure that you stay on the path to success. The point is to take small steps to make your big goals manageable.

3. Do NOT Procrastinate

I repeat, do not procrastinate. If you are one of those people that are always needing one more component in place before you start something new, get rid of that limiting thought and just start.

4. Think Positively

Don't look at what you can't do or what is a possible obstacle, instead focus on what you want to achieve and how that will occur in your life.

5. Develop Gratitude

Finding one thing every day to be grateful for in helping to achieve your mini-goal or your big goals develops the ability to look for opportunity on a daily basis.

6. Surround Yourself With Those That Inspire

Get rid of the negativity in your life by surrounding yourself with problem solvers and creative thinkers rather than those mired in negativity and doubt. It may be difficult to let some people go in your life that give you "comfort" and provide no real value or opportunity for growth, but it is essential to your personal growth and achievement.

7. Meditate Daily

This one is easy to pass off as not important, but can be one of the most important habits you will ever form to improve your life and mind. For at least ten minutes a day, find a quiet, comfortable location free of distractions and visualize your goal, your success, and the outcomes you desire. Be specific in your meditation and imagine all the details you can. To read more about meditation and mindfulness view this article – Use Mindfulness for Sustained Motivation.

8. Know the "Why"

If you aren't clear on why it is important for you to achieve your goals, and you don't see the value in achieving your goals, it is much easier to give up or lower the bar. Take a moment each day to determine why you are doing what you are doing, what is in it for you and how is it making your life or someone else's life better?

9. Don't Multi-Task With Your Goals

Work on one goal at a time, not everything all at once. This allows you to harness all your creativity and mental energy into one important area of focus. If you can harness the power of meditation (#7) you can master this habit with ease.

10. Eliminate the Unnecessary

Get rid of the mental (and physical) clutter in your life. This includes negative self-talk, old insecurities, worries about irrelevant issues or issues beyond your control. Hanging on to negativity and uncontrollable, irrelevant thoughts is a huge waste of time and energy that will only bring you down.

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There are many more zen techniques you can use. However, start with these ten, or even just a few of these at a time. You do not want to push yourself too hard at first because too much change at one time can be stressful and result in failure. These habits will improve attitude, creativity, inspiration, and motivation to help you to achieve what you have always desired. But always remember, these habits are entirely in your control. You must practice, learn and master them, no one else can or will do these for you.


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