The Best Plugins for Successful Lead Generation From Your Blog / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Find out the WordPress plugins you need to use so you can boost your lead generation efforts and turn your visitors into clients.

The online industry has evolved to a point where there is almost nothing tools and software cannot accomplish.

With blogging platforms and content management systems like WordPress, site owners have access to a deep pool of integrations and other resources that drive growth.

There are also third-party platforms that help business websites with certain areas such as email marketing, advertising, blogger outreach, and SEO. However, it is still their responsibility to pick the best tools needed to meet their business objectives.

When it comes to lead generation, below are some of the tools and platforms you need to consider:

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Pure Chat

In lead generation, it is important to make your audience as comfortable and confident as possible before they click the opt-in button. An ongoing trend is to have a live chat window pop up whenever your user dwells on a page for a specific amount of time. You can easily implement the same technique using the Pure Chat plugin.

Pure Chat is a live chatting software that will enable you to provide assistance to your visitors. Doing so invariably improves the user experience, develops trust, and increases conversions. Despite the proof of the benefits of implementing live chat, some businesses are yet to adopt it in their strategy. That is why it will give you a competitive advantage as well.

OnePress Social Locker

Bribing for likes may sound like a catastrophic mistake for businesses, but it works if you can keep on producing high-quality content. With a content locking tool like OnePress Social Locker, you can hide your content until your audience pays with a like or retweet.

Using OnePress Social Locker is a far better alternative than showing sharing buttons that show zero likes, retweets, or Facebook shares. Take note that it is both lightweight and SEO-friendly, so you do not have to worry about crawlers not discovering content or increased latency. You can also pick different styles and effects to customize the experience for your audience.

123 Contact Form

Forms are critical for a lead generation strategy since they are the key pieces for automating lead data acquisition. 123 Contact Form is one of the platforms that caught our attention. It is a comprehensive HTML and PHP form builder with a visual editor to speed up the development process.

Whether it is a mailing list subscription, event registration, surveys, payments, or anything else that involves user interaction, 123 Contact Form supplies you with all the field types you need. Some of the advanced fields include a name, address, email address, and file uploads.

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Hello Bar

The visibility of forms and social media buttons can be an issue for your lead generation campaign. To solve this, you can use a plugin like Hello Bar which shows a form bar that scrolls with your audience. This ensures your audience are always politely reminded to convert as a customer, subscriber, or respondent.

Hello Bar works by walking you through a systematic process to make sure you hit your business goals. After signing up, you can choose whether you need to grow your mailing list, talk to your users, get more likes, or promote a sale. Alternatively, you can manually customize how Hello Bar works by using the drag-and-drop editor with a live preview.

WordPress CTA by Inbound Now

You can maximize your lead generation efforts using a powerful call-to-action or CTA. These elements give your audience one extra push to finally convert into a subscriber. Moreover, although you can manually create a CTA button using the right assets, it is better to use a tool like Inbound Now's WordPress Call to Action plugin.

The main advantage of using Inbound Now's plugin is a number of tools you can use to optimize your lead generation campaign. It is fully customizable, developer friendly, and allows you to conduct A/B tests to improve your lead generation campaign over time.


Salesforce is a comprehensive CRM platform that provides you with cloud-based business applications designed to help you with lead generation. Its core focus is to personalize the experiences of your target audience through better email marketing, social media engagement and targeted advertising.

In most cases, maintaining your current customer relationships is much more important than building new ones. That is why Salesforce is also equipped with a customer service portal that includes everything from a call-center software to self-service tools.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator

If you are a B2B company, then LinkedIn should be one of your main avenues for social networking. To help you reach the right people, you can use the Sales Navigator tool for your LinkedIn account. One advantage of this tool is the integration with Salesforce so you can have a more streamlined CRM process.

Sales Navigator works by supplying you with recommended leads using an advanced prospect analysis algorithm. You can quickly adjust your preferences to refine the recommendations or use the advanced search filters. To put it all together, Sales Navigator for teams offers a dedicated relationship manager to ensure your B2B goals are on-point and met.

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