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The Business Value of Twitter

ByMaxwell Finn, writer
Apr 24, 2011
Image Credit: NanoStockk / Getty Images
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Web 2.0 Tools 101 - Twitter

Twitter Logo

Twittering is quickly gaining verb status, just like Googling did several years ago. Once a companies name becomes used in this manner, it should be taken seriously. Over the last year, Twitter has become one of the most popular and widely utilized web 2.0 tools. However, many people are still unsure of the true value behind Twitter. This application is not a time wasting, social utility. If used properly, it is powerful individual and business tool. The most obvious value behind becoming a frequent Twitterer, is the SEO benefit. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is crucial in today’s business world to understand SEO. Every company and individual should strive to be on the first page of Google for various keyword searches. In order to do this, you must be great at what you do and write valuable content on your field of expertise. Twittering allows you to publish short (140 character) blogs, which will appear on the feeds of all your followers. If other Twitter members find your content interesting they will follow you, so they can see all your future posts. The more followers you have, the greater your credibility will become and your search engine ranking will consequentially increase.

Along with the inherit SEO benefit, Twitter is valuable in several other ways. Firstly, it is a lightning fast form of communication to a large group. You can keep colleagues, partners and friends up to date on breaking news or insider information within seconds of finding out. And with Twitter applications for the iPhone and Blackberry, it is just one click away. Once logged in, you can quickly type your message, click update and within a fraction of a second all your followers receive the message. Twitter can also be integrated into corporate and personal blogs. This way any Twitter updates you make on the road will automatically feed to your blog. Twittering is also a valuable tool at large events, such as conventions. Instead of the conventional Q&A session at the end of speeches, a screen can be set up on stage and the audience members can Twitter their questions, which will appear on the big screen. This way everyone can hear the question without the usual confusion. These are just a few of the ways Twitter can offer value to the business world. Now it is time for you to get Twittering and figure out some ways this tool provides personalized value.
  • Make sure your Twitter name is either your company name, full personal name or exact keyword you are targeting for an SEO strategy.
  • Sign up for twitterfeed in order to link all your blogs to your Twitter account, which will post a short summary Tweet of all posts you makre on your company or individual blogl
  • Be as active as possible in your tweets, otherwise your Twitter account will have zero impact on your search engine rankings.
  • Customize your public Twitter page by adding your company logo/colors, as this will slowly, but surely help brand building/recognition.
  • Link your Twitter feed to your company/personal blog in order to cross promote two of your most valuable communication platforms. Adding widgets like ths will also make you look tech savy and innovative, especially if you are not in your 20's or low 30's.
  • Follow other Twitterer's who have similar expertise, therefore they will most likely find your tweets more valuable and be more engaged because of their greater understanding.
  • If you are a frequent traveling business executive you should add the twitter application to your iPhone/Blackberry/ Mobile because your tweets hold tremendous value. Your followers will receive educational and engaging information that is originating thousands of miles away. Humans love having knowledge of something important that the majority of the population will not find out till the news announces it , which turns your traveling tweet journal into a well followed and valuable asset to hundreds of specific industry professionals.
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Maxwell Finn
Maxwell Finn
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