The DIY Dilemma: Should You Outsource Web Design or Do It Yourself? / Marketing Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

If you’re up for the challenge, and you have the knowledge necessary to create a great site, should you forego outside contractors?

I have to admit; I can be a bit of a control freak. When it comes to letting someone else take over a critical component of my business, I have to fight my urge to micro manage.

I find myself wondering: Will the other person do a good job? Will they really care about my image and reputation?

If you’re anything like me, the fact that you’ve brought your business this far by trusting your gut instincts makes it difficult to let go and empower someone else to help it continue to expand and improve.

But, let’s be honest. We both know that humans are imperfect creatures. It’s impossible for us to be an expert on all things. And, more importantly, it’s impossible for us to do everything our business needs every day to be successful in just 24 hours.

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Learn It Yourself or Hire an Expert?

A website is one of the major areas where I had to fight my burning desire to do-it-myself. I don’t code, and I definitely don’t have an eye for design. But, I figured, if someone else can do it, so can I. Thankfully I did some digging around and found that learning to code would take a significant investment of time, which I needed to spend on other areas of my business.

Although, it’s possible that in your case you already have some coding and web design experience. So, if you’re up for the challenge, and you have the knowledge necessary to create a great site, should you forego outside contractors and build your own site?

Will You Get a Real ROI by Hiring an Outside Pro?

The answer to that question comes down to one thing: If you paid someone else $50/hr to code your site, could you use those hours that are freed up to create more than $50/hr worth of value in your business?

In my personal experience, finding ways to lighten my daily task list and squeeze in some cardio makes me more focused and productive. My business needs every ounce of me that I can afford to give it, and time is my most valuable commodity.

The long-term value to my company of allowing an expert to create my website, while I personal attention to the most important aspects of my company (the clients, sales, market research, team-development, raising capital, etc.) is worth far more than $50/hr.

Hosting Your Site

Now that you’ve made the decision to either hire a professional developer, or create a website yourself, you need to decide how you’re going to host your website. There are literally hundreds of hosting solutions out there.

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Cloud hosting is exciting because it allows for a website, as well as corporate resources to be housed in an always-on, always accessible space that is mirrored around the world. My sales team loves our business’ cloud because it means all of our files are never more than just a few taps or mouse-clicks away.

Some IT experts might say that hosting your own server, in-house, behind an industrial firewall is more secure. In a world where news headlines are dominated by stories about identity theft and corporate data breaches, thinking about data security is a good instinct.

This is doubly true when you consider that fact that your corporate data will include proprietary data about how your company operates, in addition to the personal data of your employees and customers. Protecting that information isn’t just a matter of security, but a matter of reputation.

If your company is the next headline with the words “Hacking” at the front, how will that impact your marketing efforts? Thankfully cloud hosting technology has improved in recent years, and some say that it’s even better than what internal storage solutions can offer. So, how do you decide?

Whitepaper on Custom Business Hosting Solutions

Turning to the experts has always served me well. Somehow, the more research I do, the better my decisions seem to become. So what do the experts in business hosting recommend? Here’s what one hosting professional had to say when I asked him for his advice:

“Businesses need to bypass the hype and identify hosting solutions that truly deliver on their key growth objectives,” said Gerard Szatvanyi, President and CEO of OSF Global Services. “This white paper provides real-world business and financial insight into cloud and on-premise hosting solutions—so that you know your decision is right.”

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There are a ton of variables when it comes to selecting a business hosting solution. What kind of office internet connection do you have? Do you need to internally store, manage and access large databases of information? Does your team outside of the office need access to the same files and information? This list goes on and on, which is why getting help from a hosting pro is so important. 

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