The Doctor Visit That Opened My Eyes To The Innovation In the Health Industry / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

A recent trip to the doctors opened my eyes to new trends in the healthy industry. Here's what's changed—and why it matters.

Like many people, I have suffered from heel pain all my life.

To save everyone the time from reading a 3-page explanation of the condition, I’ve summarized it as heel pain that is not bad enough to go to the doctor but annoying enough to complain about it to friends and family.

After years of dealing with this pain every morning, I finally got over my laziness just enough to mention it to my Plantar Fasciitis NYC doctor at my last checkup.

A few weeks later, I saw a specialist, Dr. Lev Kalika, and that’s when my mind was blown.

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According to Women’s Marketing, the health and wellness market is getting close to becoming a trillion dollar industry. And as more generations start caring about health and wellness research, there is no sight of the market getting smaller anytime soon. Because of this, patients all over the world are going through doctor visits and medicines in a completely innovated way. I finally was able to experience this first hand.

Here are some of the experiences I had at my doctor’s visit that link to the trends I’m seeing in the healthy industry. If you’re thinking about entering the health market, or you currently work in the health industry already, take these takeaways in mind as you look to further continue innovation in this field.

1. Computers Are Now More Utilized and Mastered Than Ever

It’s obvious that computers have become more and more important in the health industry over time. But from my own visit, what amazed me was how technologically proficient doctors have become.

As someone who writes software, I was amazed at the technical knowledge of my doctor as he hooked up me to a treadmill that picked out my pressure points. The doctor had to operate the system, pull data, and read the analytics it was providing.

While the computer was impressive itself, it’s easy to see that as we incorporate technology more into our health, doctors will become more and more like engineers.

2. Natural Remedies Are Shockingly Still Popular

With the amount of research done for man made medicines, it’s easy to think doctors would still suggest natural remedies. But to my surprise, during my visit I received 5-10 suggestions on natural foods that could help me deal with my condition.

A big reason for this is the amount of popularity that has been given to organic and healthy foods. The millennial generation wants to know what they are eating, the amount of calories, and the effect the food is having on their environment.

Because of this, doctors have increased knowledge on natural remedy recommendations for patients. As the want for natural products grows, we will only become more amazed at how many illnesses natural products can solve. We’re seeing this type of innovation occurring in all types of industries already, including food and cosmetics.

3. More and More Power Is Given to the Patient

During my visit, I asked my doctor about the effect technology has had on his profession. To my amazement, he said that one of the biggest annoyances he goes through is WebMD. According to him, many patients argue with their doctors after doing searches for their condition on the Internet.

As a physician, it’s easy to see how this could make you angry. Eight plus years in the industry and here comes a patient questioning you because of a Google search. Yet, this trend will only become more and more standard as information continues to become more accessible.

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As we look at the innovations in the health industry, it’s essential that businesses take note and make sure they are allocating time to research and development in their own markets. While health is a market that's rapidly iterating, it is just one of many industries going through the same phase. For doctors, they must be willing to work much more with technology if they are to stay relevant and up to date. I believe that business owners all over the world are in similar situations. Today, businesses can no longer ignore changes and improved methods occurring in their industry. Doing so will quickly put companies at a severe disadvantage, and eventually cause these businesses to sell of go out of business. 

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