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The Employer's Perspective on Job Interviews

ByRachel Hyun Kim, writer
Jan 03, 2012
> Human Resources

When most people think of the interview process, they first consider the viewpoint of the applicant, who is trying to make a good impression.

However, most people fail to consider the other side: the employer who must go through tens of hundreds of applicants during the recruiting process to find the right one.

Given the sheer amount of applicants that pass through the interview cycle, it is easy to see how employers can lose track of individuals.

Employers must sift through hundreds of resumes and sit through many interviews before meeting the right candidate. However, employers can generally determine whether an applicant is or is not qualified, based on a few signs.

While sitting through interviews, employers and HR representatives quickly notice the following:

Appearance - Employers can pick up a great deal of information based simply on appearance. Body language and posture conveys a message of its own, despite the intentions of the applicant. For example, slouching can display a lazy or uninterested demeanor, while an erect posture can convey interest and attentiveness. Based on first impressions, employers can quickly sort between prospective employees.

Personality - When employers are interviewing an applicant, they generally determine whether the applicant will be a good fit for the team or company. Once the employer begins to ask questions, the applicant's personality begins to show. If the applicant is boring, shy, or doesn't possess a sense of humor, their chances of proceeding through the next round are extremely slim. Therefore, applicants should make sure that they are friendly and personable, in order to leave a good impression.

Background - Applicants that have outstanding job experience or interesting stories have a greater chance of standing out. Employers, who often have to sit through multiple interviews, quickly gravitate towards fascinating individuals. A notable applicant is likely to stay on the employer's mind, well past the interview. Applicants can also expect to receive background checks, especially with today's enhanced concerns regarding security.

Interest - Employers are looking for prospective employees that are enthusiastic and deeply interested in the company and industry. Therefore, they look for applicants that are knowledgeable about the company, and ask engaging questions. Remember, employers are looking for individuals who will fit with their team and culture. Asking questions shows that the applicant is active, not simply looking for a salary.

The interview process can be a stressful experience for both parties. However, by conveying confidence and enthusiasm, applicants can make a favorable impression on potential employers. If successful, the applicant can turn an interview into a discussion on employment.

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Rachel Hyun Kim
Rachel Hyun Kim
See Rachel Hyun Kim's Profile
Rachel Hyun Kim is a content writer, looking to explore and gain experience in the world of online marketing. She has written on a variety of topics, ranging from social media, marketing and small business advice.
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