The Future of Photography: The iPhone Camera Is Just the Beginning / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

The era of the smartphone has changed photography forever. But the iPhone is just the beginning. Here's why.

The iPhone has changed the world of phones and led in the era of the smartphone.

In addition, it’s gone further than that by prefiguring the era of better cameras and more flexible photography options.

It’s led to calls that state professional photographers no longer exist anymore because being able to take good photos is easier than ever before.

Everyone has the equipment to take photos that would qualify as a low grade professional alternative. Nevertheless, the iPhone camera is just the beginning. 

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The Dual Camera Solution

For years, Apple has been working on developing a dual camera solution. In other words, this solution would enable a smartphone camera to operate using multiple lenses. The secret project will see the iPhone 7 potentially bring with it a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens to reduce distortion.

According to commentators, this is the holy grail of smartphone cameras, at least for now.

Smaller Size and More Megapixels

The latest incarnation of the smartphone is smaller than ever before, yet the camera brings with it an increased number of megapixels. For those not knowledgeable with tech terms like this, the more megapixels a camera has the sharper the images produced by that camera are.

This represents a constant drive to decrease the size of the smartphone without compromising the quality of the camera. There are no signs this trend will change due to stagnation in other areas of smartphone development. For the big players Apple and Samsung, the camera is the only area that constantly pushes forward.

The Camera Robot

Elsewhere, Samsung has gone out of its way to create a rover with a camera. This new robotic camera is in full control of the photographer and is similar to having the help of a photography assistant at all times. While the iPhone is improving the quality of small cameras, Samsung’s innovation could lead to big changes for the world of photography.

One way Apple’s changes and Samsung’s changes could come together in the future is through providing a camera that can swivel through lenses at will. It could also produce a smartphone camera that can better work remotely.

A remote camera that can be incorporated into a smartphone is a distant dream for now, but it could become a reality five or ten years from now.

More Stock Images

Stock images are a big part of making money from photography. This industry has exploded in recent years and stock images are a big deal for everyone from book cover designers to web designers. The ability to produce sharp images on par with many cameras, and even DSLRs, will continue to allow this industry to grow.

The CEO of Eyeem said, “We have seen a considerable increase in the numbers of people both submitting and purchasing stock images from our website. Our forecasts predict that this will continue to grow in the years ahead due to the ease of taking good photographs via smartphones.”

More Jobs in Photography

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that photography growth is keeping pace with growth in other industries, at about 8-10 percent over a two-year period. It also said that the number of portrait photographers will grow as the population does.

Indirectly, jobs arriving in photography-related fields are expected to grow, including in print. The reason for this is print is fast becoming the new photography platform of choice. Smartphones and their increased photo quality are facilitating this.

More jobs in print are likely to come about with more images and the ease of getting into the profession. This trend will likely continue as the best smartphones decrease in price and become more accessible.

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Has the iPhone Changed Everything? 

It’s easy to see that the iPhone has changed almost everything to do with the industry of photography. The future of photography may not be considered bright by some existing professional photographers, but for the rest of us it’s made taking good pictures easier than ever before.

Professionals will still have an edge as DSLRs are still the standout winners, but a good smartphone can be used to take some spectacular shots.

The possibilities in the world of smartphone photography are endless. Should Apple be able to create a successful dual lens camera, they could potentially expand to even more lenses, which may make them more convenient than full-size DSLRs.


The future of photography is bright and there’s no telling what innovations Apple and other smartphone manufacturers will come up with next. What are your favorite smartphone innovations?

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