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The Importance of Guest Blogging: How It Can Benefit Your Brand

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Don't underestimate the importance of guest blogging. Learn why it's important and how it can benefit your brand.

Guest blogging is a method used by bloggers, marketers and experts to expose their brand or blog to a large audience.

Not only does guest blogging allow the writer to display themselves as a knowledgeable source, it's beneficial for search engine optimization if it's done properly.

Networking and building relationships with bloggers in your field is important for getting a spot on their websites, and if bloggers want a spot on yours, it's good to know that this has its benefits as well. These bloggers could have new and interesting information to share with your readers, as well as provide different viewpoints.

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Consider the content they're looking to share, but be cautious, some writers are in it just for the links. My first piece of advice to you is to be a writer that writes for the audience first. Providing quality input will get you to the next level.

You have to earn the exposure, fair and square. When you officially land a guest blogging opportunity, whether it's long or short-term, remember that a high authority blog is allowing your input and trusts that it's correct. After all, the readers value this blogger and only expect them to publish honest contributions. Skilled and experienced bloggers will know the difference from link driven content and quality content.

Let's go over all the aspects that make guest blogging important and how to achieve your guest blogging goals. 

1. Established Target Audiences 

Since most successful blogs already have an established target audience, your job is a little easier. The audience is already gathered, you just have to get in front of it. Whether you're looking to guest blog on behalf of your own blog or a brand, it's important to look for blogs that specifically cover that topic or industry. One way of going about this is by using Google. Simply type one or more of these following examples into the search bar one at a time until you gain your desired results, the keyword being the topic or industry you're looking for: 

  • "Keyword" + "Guest Blog" 
  • "Keyword" + "Become a Contributor"
  • "Keyword" + "Guest Author Wanted"
  • "Keyword" + "Submit an Article"

There are many acceptable variations of this, so experiment to see which give you the best results. Once you find a blog that fits your needs, it's time to check the numbers to make sure it's worth it. Not all blogs that look credible are credible. This is one important factor and plays a large role in the importance of guest blogging.

Finding a blog with high authority, low spam (if any) and follow links will help to increase your blog or brand's visibility. The Moz Open Site Explorer tool will assist you when checking up on a site. Once your blog or brand can be associated with a credible blog, your blog or brand is then considered to be credible as well. 

2. Social Media Attention 

Many blogs allow the guest writer to add social media links, typically at the end of the blog post or within the author bio. This makes it easy for the audience to connect with you, increasing your amount of followers and possibly engagement. With an increase of followers may come an increase in content shares, eventually leading to more followers and more engagement. 

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Some guest blogs don't include social media links, depending on the preference of the owner, but there is still a possibility your social media attention will increase. This can happen in two ways.

  1. Most bloggers share their latest content to their own social media accounts, therefore your post will be one of them.
  2. If you provide unique, interesting and high quality content, readers may look to your social media accounts to access any new content you might share. For the same reasons, these readers may also subscribe to your blog.

3. Increase Your Own Domain Authority 

The quality traffic, follow links, increase in subscribers, and links to other high standing blogs (if you choose to host guest blogs on your own website) will aid in increasing your domain authority. With a high domain authority, bloggers will be reaching out to you in hopes to contribute a guest post, and there's a possibility they will share their published piece on social media, once again giving your website more exposure.

Remember, only link out to other websites of high authority and zero to low spam. Google takes this into consideration when putting a value on your website. If your website contains a high domain authority, Google will rank it higher than websites with a low one. 

4. Sales and/or Business Opportunities for Brands 

New sales and/or business opportunities can arise once high quality blogs are published. Whether it's an opportunity to network with bloggers or brands with complimenting products, sending in products for reviews to influential bloggers or getting involved with displaying products or services at an event, these can all positively impact your own blog or brand. 

Also, the more credible guest blogs you appear in, the more you are considered an expert in that field. If people are searching for information about a specific topic you have written about, they may come across your content and look into your own products or services. They're viewing knowledgeable content, so your audience is going to see that you're knowledgeable too. 

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Once you've become an experienced guest blogger, bloggers may start reaching out to you to be featured on your blog or for you to provide their readers with your take on a certain topic.

Continue to follow and become familiar with high authority blogs within your niche. You never know, your content may eventually meet the eyes of some very influential bloggers or potential customers.

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