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No Dental Insurance? Cost Effective Alternatives for Coverage

By Tamar Weinberg
Business.com / Industry / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Everything you should know about dental health plans, and how to choose the right one to meet your needs.

We don’t always consider the severe impact poor oral health can have on a person’s life, but recent studies have shown that there is a clear connection between poor oral health and serious health problems such as strokes and certain forms of cancer.

More frequently, people experience strong pain, inability to eat properly and even tooth loss.

Poor oral health not only affects an individual physically but also mentally; many people suffer from depression and gain or a lack of self-confidence.

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Unfortunately in America, the average American simply cannot afford the recommended treatment from their dentist. This only gives them two choices: Americans can either (1) finance through a third party provider or (2) just not get the treatment done which ultimately puts their health at risk.

Statistics show that the people most in need of dental care are the ones least likely to get it. Going to the dentist can be seen as a burden because of its expense. Although most Americans are insured with healthcare, the majority of the plans do not have extensive dental coverage. As a result, more people are paying out of pocket if they want additional work done.

Alternative Coverage Providers

One popular company by the name of iCare Financial claims to help people by providing financial assistance to all patients and consumers, even those with bad credit. Their unique and proprietary program enables these dental practices to place their patients on monthly payment plans they can afford. After researching more about this company, I found out that not only are their monthly payment plans interest-free, but the patients also receive financing with NO credit checks. Often times, people hesitate applying for financing because they know their credit will be checked.

iCare also offers instant service with their fast approval system so patients can get the treatment at the time of their visit. What I liked the most about them is that patients can add additional treatments to their iCare plans at any time and there are no hidden fees or spikes.

Other companies such as Delta Dental also provide decent dental health coverage. They provide different coverage such as free x-rays, but do not offer coverage in all states. 

Aetna Dental is also another big provider. If people sign up with their premium plan, they have access to full dental coverage including all preventative exams. However, again, they are limited to providing coverage to only five states in America. The basic idea of these companies is to provide extra coverage that basic health plans do not cover. This way, the individual is able to get his treatment done and does not have to incur added out-of-pocket expenses.

When looking at it from a business perspective, these providers not only benefits patients but also many dentists as well. Many people come to the dentists with their dental problems, only to find out they do not hold full dental coverage. As a result, many dentists recommend different companies to their patients as an easy way for patients to receive full coverage and for dentists to have loyal returning patients. It is important to research insurance companies which ultimately can seem like a difficult task.

However, the best place to start is by going to the professionals. One of the most obvious and best resources is to go to your own dentist for advice. When you trust your doctor you will trust who they recommend.

What to Look for in Coverage

Looking for the right dental insurer can be a difficult process. Many people don’t take it seriously until they come across a dental problem and the cost to treat is out of their budget. One tip to choose the right insurer is to weigh out the pros and cons of for each company and see what works best for you and or your family. It is highly important to research all the available insurance companies and compare their plans.

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Lastly but most importantly, one should know their own needs. By thoroughly reading the plans, understanding what the coverage options are, and checking back to see if they fit YOUR needs, one can make the most informed decision on what to do for his or her oral health. By doing the above and aligning with providers that serve us well, we can truly tackle the rising costs of dental health care in America, and we will end up protecting ourselves through utilizing the best extensive dental coverage that fits our needs.

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