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The Salesperson with the Meaningless Smile

Ed Drozda
Ed Drozda

Buying from folks who genuinely care about what they're selling and to whom they're selling it matters- A LOT! We can all see through the fake smiles and for most of us it's a turn-off, or worse. Yet many businesses tackle the issue of customer service by exhorting their employees to speak with a smile.

If a business must resort to exhortation they already missed the point. It's not easy to find and hire sales folks who genuinely care but it's well worth the investment if you do. Why does it matter?

You Want Us To Come Back

If you're in a traveling road show it doesn't matter if your customers come back. If you're the only show on the road the customer will buy from you, no matter how you behave. But you're not a traveling road show. You want your customers to come back. They're far more likely to do so if you treat them with sincerity.

Fakes Don't Sparkle

Is it glass or is it a diamond. Shine a little light on it, it's pretty easy to see the difference. When a sales person gives you that put on sparkle you know you are not getting the real deal. Fakes don't sparkle and as a result you're not likely to suggest your friends take their business there either.

What's Going On Here?

Chances are you're proud of your business and the products and services you offer. If your sales people lack sincerity, what sort of impression do you think that makes on your customers? Hmm, I like the product but the folks working here are completely disengaged. Maybe there's something going on here I can't see. Does it serve your business well when your customers are left with a sense that something isn't quite right?

Your sales people say A LOT about your business. If they're engaged your customers are engaged. If they believe in what they're offering, the customers will believe as well. Are you still going to resort to exhortation?

Next week: What does it take to find the right employees for the job?

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Ed Drozda
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