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Everything has gone the way of the smartphone. Get smart with this ingenious look at how to create mobile-ready content that really works.

Fact: Great content is an integral part of any 21st-century marketing strategy.

Fact: Leading content marketers generate almost eight times more traffic than their competitors

Fact: Content marketing costs more than 60 percent less and generates about three times the leads versus traditional marketing.

So how can you take advantage? By using the smart person’s approach to mobile-friendly content creation, of course.

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The Social Media Trilogy

As a business, you have three goals on social media: to talk, to listen, and to generate buzz. Everything you do on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and whatever other channels you’re using to connect with consumers, should be based on one or all of those three things.

The best way to nail the trilogy is by creating shareable content, which gives you an opportunity to:

  • Talk about the things that are important to consumers and also relevant to your business. You’re creating a connection in consumer’s minds between the things they need and/or want and the things your brand provides.
  • Listen to what consumers have to say when they comment on your posts. Companies pay thousands of dollars to host focus groups when really the largest, most diverse, and the most readily available focus group in the world is at your fingertips, literally, when you sign into social media.
  • Generate buzz by creating content that’s interesting enough to inspire users to share it. That kind of consumer-lead social media marketing is priceless; more than four billion people use their mobile devices to access social media, and they’re sending out more than 58 million tweets per day. If your branded content takes off, the possibilities are literally endless.

What type of content generates the most shares?

From my experience, the following type of the content has the most social share triggers:

  • The Go-To Guidebooks. This type of content is basically a curated list of links to great content from the experts in your niche. It's one of the easiest articles to publish because you don't need to write too much new content. Once published, you can outreach to all the authors that created the exceptional content and ask them to share it. 365 Atlanta Family created a super successful go-to-guide book about the holiday happenings in Atlanta that generated 11K shares.
  • Expanded List Post. With this type of content, you get the benefit of high CTR of a traditional list post and add a strategic twist to it. You get to expand on each list item by giving readers the meaty details. The guys at Blog Brandz created an expanded list post that is always updated.
  • Awards Bait. With this content type, you get to stroke the egos of all the influencers in your industry. Make Your Body Work created a fantastic awards bait content that about the 50 best healthy food blogs. This article generated 916 social shares to date.

Some 84 percent of top executives say that they turn to social media when they’re researching purchasing decisions, but only 27 percent of that same group actively maintains a social presence of their own. How smart is that?

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Mobile Website

You probably think you’re pretty smart, and you’re likely right (after all, you’re reading this), but are you giving your readers the same benefit of the doubt, intelligence-wise? It’s shocking how many companies create a mobile-friendly website that’s simply a dumbed down version of the desktop site. Big mistake. What would you want to read, watch, and do while on the go?

  • While Google’s new quality-driven algorithms have bloggers slaving over longer and longer blogs, it’s the shorter blogs that can be read while in line at the deli or sitting in the school’s pickup lane.
  • Optimize content for local search. When people Google “plumber 44143,” they’re thinking local, and if you’re a plumber in Cleveland, you want to be sure your website is the one they’re finding.
  • Use your website to subscribe users to your SMS list. With a 98 percent open rate and great SMS software at your disposal, you’ll be connecting and converting at a remarkable rate.

Mobile App

On average, smartphone users spend about 86 percent of their device time on mobile apps. Consumers crave convenience and entertainment, and the best apps combine both. Your mobile app should reflect your brand in a very holistic way; from M-commerce integration to a regularly updated blog to interactive options like mobile messaging, this is your chance to show mobile users what you’re all about. Don’t waste it.

  • Echo the content found on your YouTube channel or create new content like a virtual tour of your offices, a how-to video showcasing your product, etc.
  • Offer long-form content like eBooks in download form, these are perfect for when consumers are stuck in a doctor’s office or sitting alone at lunch.
  • Get interactive with games, surveys, and contests that present your product/service in a consumer-friendly way.

Figuring out how to choose the right marketing mix for your business is a pretty personal decision, but the one thing you don’t have to wonder about is whether you need to invest in mobile-ready content. After all, it’s what smart people do.

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What's Next?

How do you ensure that your customer is getting the best mobile experience possible when interacting with your brand? 

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