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The Ultimate Holiday How-to for Social Media Promotion

Adrienne Erin

No matter what you’re selling this holiday season, your brand can benefit from utilizing social media platforms. To boost your holiday sales and increase your visibility, let’s take a lesson from those who are doing it right this very merry time of year.

What your brand posts on social media matters. A whopping 78% of holiday shoppers claimed that a brand’s social media posts affected their purchases. Beyond this, 84% of holiday shoppers said they used their digital devices just before or while shopping.

These statistics prove that social media is a vital part of reaching your maximum potential.

Create a Holiday-Infused Brand Image for Social

Get your brand into the spirit by revamping your image on social platforms. Change your profile picture to something holiday-related and give your cover or header photo a holiday-inspired facelift. Making these simple changes will allow your brand to appear fresh with very minimal effort.

Target, always a great source of eCommerce marketing inspiration, added festive colors and high-quality images to emphasize their product offerings on Twitter.

Toys R Us captured images of customers donating toys to the less fortunate, and then used those images as a cover photo on Facebook. Also, don’t miss Geoffrey the Giraffe in his Santa hat set as the profile picture!

Facebook Still Reigns Supreme for Holiday Promotions

It’s important to note that Facebook is still the head honcho when it comes to social media, with an astounding 1.35 billion monthly active users. A stat like that should not be ignored.

When promoting your products on Facebook, aim to intrigue those who love your brand – and maybe even offer them something for free.

The whiskey-distilling megabrand is using Facebook to entice readers to enter a contest, or a celebration of not-so-great gifts. Participants upload photos of their worst gifts, which are then judged by the public later in December. The grand prize?

Five winners will receive a custom-made, nostalgic wooden sled branded with Jack Daniels and complete with a build-in whiskey-holster. Taking it from Old No. 7, it pays to engage users with an entertaining contest and a splendid, branded prize.

Besides the Jack Daniels example, there are plenty of other ways to promote your products on the platform. Consider utilizing the following techniques to showcase your brand this holiday season:

Ask for Participation Using a Poll

Post a multiple choice question, such as “What’s the official scent of Christmas?” And then allow users to choose one of the following, such as “A. Freshly baked ginger bread, B. Peppermint candy cane, C. Freshly cut Christmas trees, or D. Wood burning in the fireplace.” Bonus points if you can tie in the poll with your business.

Post Photos of Your Products

This is a simple way to show your fans you understand them, their interests and their needs. Highlight one product at a time, or multiple products, like Kohl’s does here:

Don’t forget about the photo album option, which comes in handy for showcasing new product lines or themes of products in your inventory.

Ask a Question

This is a simple and engaging way to encourage your fans to participate. Pose a cleverly worded holiday question like “What’s the most unique thing on your wish list this holiday season?” This is especially useful if you have a fan base that is really excited about the products you sell.

Embed Video

Fans devour video on social media, a fact which led to the overwhelming success of the Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s fast and requires little effort on their part, taking less time than reading a story or article. Check out Kohl’s holiday magic video for inspiration!

Use Twitter at Every Stage of the Shopping Process

Twitter users discuss gift ideas, discover new products and ideas, figure out which places offer the best deals, and then later tweet about their purchases.

Crate and Barrel enticed users in October to imagine their own place settings at the Thanksgiving dinner table. The linens are pictured in a warm, inviting photo depicting a well-set holiday dinner table. The takeaway? Provide timely photos of must-haves and favorites.

Cross-selling products is smart, so think about which of your products can be simultaneously promoted. Highlight them with a clear image and a clever caption.

Showcase your most popular gift items on Twitter to encourage retweets and increase visibility. Also, if you’re offering hard-to-pass-up deals like 50% off and free shipping, be sure to communicate that information as well. Twitter is a fast-paced platform – use your 140-characters wisely.

Pinterest Boards Make it Easy to Promote Your Products

Pinterest is all about the visuals and makes it simple to showcase your holiday offerings. Its users are already in a buying mindset; this makes Pinterest one of the most natural places to market your products for the holidays. Create boards specific to brand, product, theme or collection to easily supply users with digestible visual content to devour. Consider the following 2 brands that are effectively pinning this season:

Home Depot Emphasizes Holiday Style

Strategically arranged and well-executed, Home Depot gives browsers a neatly compiled collection of their season’s best products. Collections are broken down into categories, which make it easy to shop. Also, the first board is the “Holiday Style Challenge” board, where users can find inspiration for holiday décor.

Anthropologie Goes the DIY Route

Not only does Anthropologie showcase its seasonal best, it offers a fun board dedicated to gift wrapping. This is an example of offering those interested in your brand something extra and unique during the holiday season, and it plays right into Pinterest’s target demographic.

YouTube Provides a Space for the Optimal Visual

There is no better way to show your products in action than a YouTube video. Consider creating how-to videos that describe how to best use your products. Or you may opt for a video explaining the background or purpose of your business.

One brand doing it right this season is CJ Pony Parts.

The well-respected brand created a Mustang lovers gift guide and then promoted it via multiple social media platforms, including YouTube, which is a wise plan of action for properly executing an ecommerce social media campaign this holiday season.

Intertwine All Platforms for Best Results

Everything is connected out there in the vast, wide world of the Internet. Social media platforms should be utilized in tandem to reach the largest audience possible. For instance, even though Facebook is still the most-used platform, millennials are leaving at a fast rate. Other networks have dominant demographics not to be ignored; 84% of Pinterest users are female, for example, and 90% of Instagram users are under age 35.

Luckily, it’s easy to multitask and use the same ideas on different platforms. Create a stellar video and post it to YouTube, then share it on Facebook. Create a fun board on Pinterest, then link to it on Twitter. Implement a contest or create a gift guide and share it on all platforms.

There’s no one correct way to market your products on social this holiday season. Learn from those who did it right – and explore all the possibilities that work for your brand.

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