The VIP Treatment: 3 Steps to Turn Website Visitors into Customers / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

By giving your new site visitors a little extra attention, you can enhance your lead generation program with new contacts to increase sales.

Lead generation is a term any business with an online presence should value, since it’s the art of turning strangers into quality prospects for a sale and (hopefully) into repeat customers.

Unfortunately, many small businesses aren’t even aware of the sales opportunities they are missing out on.

By failing to capture contact information that allows you to stay in touch, and top of mind, among potential customers, these businesses are leaving opportunities on the table.

Your website is the easiest place to capture contact information. You’ve already done the work to draw in visitors through ads, social media efforts, organic searches around your offerings or word-of-mouth marketing.

By simply capturing an email, small businesses are empowered to then track and gather insights on a visitor through a CRM system, and build a relationship with them via email marketing efforts.

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The contact information turns an IP address into an actual person with behaviors, preferences and influential power that you can use to better inform your future marketing and sales efforts. In fact, once you’ve reached this stage, your visitor has officially transformed into a lead. So how do you get to know your visitors on a more personal level and convert them into a quality lead?

Consider your website as your opportunity to build a lasting impression based on the value of your product or service to your visitor. In addition to content, there are a few simple tricks that digital marketers have incorporated into websites to motivate visitors into completing a desired action.

If nothing else, these tips and tricks will help keep your brand top of mind to new visitors while giving you the opportunity to stay in touch with them. To help you get started, here are three website enhancements that will make your website visitors feel like VIPs and encourage them to take the leap to becoming leads:

Roll Out the Red Carpet

Compel your visitors into action with a website “Welcome Mat” - a relatively new concept in digital marketing. In fact, Grow & Convert estimates that these full screen, welcoming call-to-actions generate 10 to 25 percent conversions. The greeting should include an entire screen dedicated to a single request, such as an e-newsletter sign-up, promotional offer, free eBook or another download of some kind.

Your end goal is to collect valuable information from visitors, such as an email, once they arrive. Website welcome mats can be installed quickly using a variety of free or affordable marketing software tools. With minimal effort on your part, visitors are greeted with a warm (and encouraging) welcome.

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Show Them They’re Part of a Club

As you’re building up your brand or trying to boost awareness, remember that no one likes being the only person at a party. The same can be said for users of new products or services. Customer proof, such as logos of customers or usage statistics, helps build credibility for your brand. By adding and updating statistics on your homepage, such as “1,000 Memphis Residents Use …” or “More Than 100,000 Shirts Shipped Monthly” will resonate with users who may be unsure about switching or trying out a new product or service.

If possible, take it a step further and include real-life customer testimonials. Take the time to review customer emails and your social media fan base, then use relevant feedback and stories as “proof” in showcasing the value of your business. A few testimonials sprinkled across your site will not only make your company look great, but can influence how visitors react to your content. We’re all prone to social pressure, so give your visitors confirmation that their peers have tried and loved your company.

Give Them a Valuable Take-Away

It can be difficult to compel visitors to return to your site, especially if their initial visit didn’t end in a sale but its worth the effort. In analyzing more than 18,000 SMB E-commerce sites, one digital marketer found that returning visitors spend more than 100 percent more time on your site and view 43 percent more pages than new visitors. Make the most of a first (and potentially only) visit by giving users the chance to stay in touch. Even a small two to three percent conversion increase with this approach adds up.

While offering a newsletter subscription is the most common way to do this, also consider enticing visitors exiting your site with an actionable offer such as a free eBook or training course that can be downloaded. Something that adds more value for visitors, like an email course on “How to Start Selling Real Estate in 15 Days” could just seal the deal. You can add an exit intent popup to your site in less than five minutes and significantly increase your lead generation by capturing these emails and encouraging repeat visits.

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In my last article, I shared some insider tips on Google AdWords to boost lead generation efforts. Those tips, coupled with the website additions listed above, are sure to help you not only increase site visitors but capture valuable information from those visitors. By giving your new website visitors a little extra attention and motivation, you can enhance your lead generation program with new contacts and ultimately, increase sales.

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