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How can you use Slideshare as a marketing channel for your business? Take a look at these eight key steps to succeeding in the platform.

Slideshare is the largest site for slide presentations online. It’s owned by LinkedIn and the focus is primarily on business content. It’s a great channel for many businesses—especially those in the B2B world because most of the readers are business professionals looking to learn something specific to help them succeed in their careers.

So how can you use Slideshare as a marketing channel? Because it’s a unique site with its own rules, limitations and norms, it’s important to do it right. Here are some ideas for using Slideshare to grow awareness for your company.

1. Your Goal is to Educate

In most cases, the best goal for a Slideshare presentation is to educate your prospective customer. You typically don’t want to educate them on your products or services, but on something that is related to your industry and that is something that your prospects want to learn about.

For example, a social media software company can teach people how to do something on a particular social media site. A project management software company can educate people on a specific topic on project management (e.g. how to deal with project stakeholders).

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2. Pick a Topic that your Audience Really Cares About

Try to pinpoint those areas that your audience would really like to learn more about.

  • Do prospective customers typically ask the same questions to your salespeople?
  • Are people trying to use your product to do something very specific?
  • Can you teach them how to do this thing better?
  • Are there new trends or hot topics in your industry that you cover?

You can also consider using tools like Buzzsumo to see what people are sharing in social media related to your industry. Lastly, look at the Slideshare site and what’s featured there and/or getting a lot of views and shares.

Slideshare via Wrike

3) Make Your Headline Compelling

Just like any blog post, video or email subject line, you need to draw in your audience with your headline or title. In the case of a Slideshare, make your title interesting, controversial or benefits-laden. Sometimes I’ll pick a working headline and then complete the presentation. Once it’s done, I’ll develop a few other options for the headline and get some opinions from other members on my team.

Take a look at some examples of featured Slideshares on the site to get ideas.

4) Make your Cover Slide Visually Striking

Because Slideshare is such a visual site, pay extra attention to your cover slide. Make sure your title can be easily read and that the picture and colors of your cover slide catch the eye of Slideshare visitors.

5) Make your Entire Presentation Visually Appealing

Try not to put up a Slideshare that looks like a typical Powerpoint presentation. Make each slide look visually attractive by using things like full bleed visuals, interesting fonts and creative text placement. Again, look at Slideshares for examples. If using a large number of full bleed pictures for a presentation sounds expensive, take a look at these 29 stock photo sites with free options.

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6) Include Calls to Action Strategically Inside

People won’t usually leave the Slideshare site to go to your Website unless you ask them to with a call to action. You can include a call to action to a related resource (e.g. a video or ebook), or to a section of your site with more information. You can also include calls to action to share your presentation in social media (see example of this below):

You can include calls to action on any and every page but you may want to limit it at first. Slideshare may penalize your presentation if there are too many links that are making it come across spammy. Ideally you want your links to be easy to see but not overly intrusive.

See this slideshare for an example with share CTAs.

Image via The Brevet Group


7) View, Like and Share Your Presentation

Make sure you get your employees to view your presentation and to “like” it (this shares that “like” in their LinkedIn stream). For some extra reach don't forget to also ask everyone to share on other social channels such as Twitter and Facebook as well.

8) Getting Featured on Slideshare

If you combine the elements of great topic, visual appeal and consistency on your Slideshares, you may get featured as a Slideshare of the Day (one of three), a Featured Slideshare (multiple per day) or Hot on Social Media (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook).

Slideshare may come across as a beast but it really is quite simply to succeed at with a little practice. Take advantage of reaching your audience with this tool today and reap the benefits tomorrow.

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