Use These 3 Tools to Create Better Content Than Your Competition

By Zac Johnson, writer
Jul 14, 2017
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Think quality, not quantity

With more than a billion active websites on the internet today, there is an immense amount of content being created daily. As content continues to flood the internet, it's no longer a matter of just creating content, but, instead, creating better content. This is something Google and other companies have talked about for years, but many site owners, brands and businesses are still stuck in the mindset that they need to keep blogging daily or pushing content out there – whether that be for SEO purposes, to increase social traffic or just to stay relevant.

In either case, it's wrong. The way to win the content wars of today is to analyze what your competition is doing and do it better. For example, if someone is ranking at the top of Google for a keyword or phrase you would like similar recognition for, see what type of content is on their site, then create something better and more detailed. A perfect example of this would be if your competition's site was just basic text and images. You might decide to create an infographic to display similar content, while also offering the option of sharing your image on social media and submitting it to infographic directories. It is this type of out-of-the-blog thinking that positions smaller players to compete against much larger brands with bigger budgets.

With all of this in mind, there are plenty of tools out there to help with this process. Many of these tools don't require any technical knowledge or software to download. Here are three recommended tools that every site owner and brand should be using today to create better content.

Canva graphic design

When creating content for your site, it's not just the text and information that will make a lasting impression, it's also how well your content visually appeals to your audience as well. At the same time, it's extremely important to make sure you are using custom images not only for the titles and headers of your latest site content but also for your social sharing as well. Twitter, Facebook, Linked and many other networks all have their own recommend image sizes, and if you want your brand and content to always look the best, you will want to make sure all of your images are always optimized for the right social specs.

Canva is one of the top graphic design tools on the internet today, and, best of all, it's free! When you log into their site, you can create anything you can possibly think of. You can choose to start with a blank slate or select from thousands of designs and templates that Canva offers. As for social media specs and sizes, they have most of that already built into their platform. Simply click the type of image you want to create and get to work. (You don't need to download software or leave the site to complete your project.)

MySimpleShow video creator

We all know the power of online video and how effective it can be when trying to convert an audience into a valuable lead. Marketers especially know the power of explainer videos; however, most don't know how to create them, nor do they have the time or resources to figure it out. If you look at any of the top landing pages on affiliate networks like ClickBank or JVZoo, you will find that most of them feature explainer videos before sending the user into a sales funnel or to complete their order. In short, there is something about these black-and-white, drawing-based videos that convert extremely well.

MySimpleShow has created an easy to use drag-and-drop platform that allows users to create explainer videos with ease, simply by writing up a draft of what their video will explain. From there, the platform provides the best clipart and voiceovers to create the video. There are plenty of advanced features and customization options available, such as adding your own images and voice-over.

Blog topic generator

In addition to the actual content created for a website, even more important is the title that is used. The title is the main call to action, and it is what gets people to click to your content. At the same time, the click-through rate of your site in Google can have a huge impact on where and how it actually ranks. This means you want a title that grabs a reader's attention and makes people want to learn more. It should also give a brief description of what your content is about.

Hubspot has created a blog topic generator that can quickly come up with several creative titles and ideas for your next blog post. It's free to use and quite simple. All you need to do is plug in a few choice words about the content you are creating, then the generator spits out a few eye-catching headlines for you to choose from. It's not the most advanced generator (or a solution for every content piece), but it provides some great examples that will get your creative juices flowing.

Rise above the competition with better content

At the end of the day, if you want to beat your competition in search, social media and online marketing in general, it starts with the content and value you provide to your audience. This process begins when you take the time to see what your competition is writing about, where they are ranking and then how you can do it better. Be sure to consider each of the tools above for creating better images, videos and titles for your future content.

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