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From a tilt overbed table -- used mainly in hospital meal service -- to an industrial tilt table, tilt tables were designed to increase ...

From a tilt overbed table -- used mainly in hospital meal service -- to an industrial tilt table, tilt tables were designed to increase efficiency, ease physical strain and reduce repetitive motion injury. Manual tilt tables are the most popular option but some tilt table manufacturers sell electric tilt tables that are button-operated and feature pressure valves to prevent overloading.

Keep in mind the application for which you're seeking a tilt top table and the load you'll need the table to bear. Shop for either a medical or industrial tilt table with the following resources:

1. Tilt table vendor lists

2. Manufacturers of custom tilting work tables

3. Used tilt tables for the medical industry

Find what you need fast with lists of companies who sell and manufacturer tilt tables

For the widest variety of tilt tables, go to sites that list tilt tables vendors and manufacturers. There you can conduct searches specific to a number of tilt tables including a tilt overbed table, an automotive tilt table and manual tilt tables. You can also view company profiles, product catalogs and contact the company directly if you don't find what you need from the website.

Contact custom tilt table manufacturers for tables built to your specs

If you're dealing with highly specialized products, or perhaps the tilt tables you already have aren't doing the best job, either way, custom tilt table manufacturers can build tilt tables made to your exact specifications. They're more expensive than other tilt tables, but if you plan on using the tilt tables routinely and in the same application, custom built tilts are well worth the money.

Find a used tilt table for sale and save big

Medical supplies tend to be expensive as are tilt tables and chairs used in surgery and patient care. They're also used in diagnostics for conditions such as syncope -- or unexplained fainting -- and chronic nausea. Look for websites that offer surgical tables as well as a tilt top table for holding surgical instruments.
  • If you plan on investing in tilting work tables, you should invest in straps as well. The tables decrease strain on your body and the straps will prevent whatever you're lifting from falling off. Most medical tilt tables come equipped with straps to prevent the patient from falling off.

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