INFOGRAPHIC: Time Management Hurdles in the Modern Workplace / Managing / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

The Time Management Infographic reveals the #1 office distraction costing your business thousands of dollars each year and how employees...

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69% of people waste time every day at work(Tweet This Stat)

Whether you own a budding small business, run a busy HR department, or manage a distracted sales team, it's no surprise to you that the office is saturated with distraction. From social media sites to unnecessary meetings, the modern workplace is full of distractions keeping us from completing our tasks. Take a look at our Time Management Infographic and find out which office hurdles are major distractions and what you can do to achieve company-wide productivity.

I'll give you a few hints on how big of an impact this is...

  • 69% waste time every day at work
  • Employees are distracted after 15 minutes of work
  • $10K is lost per unproductive employee each year
  • Lunch-break exercise increases productivity

Did you know that unnecessary meetings cost us $37 billion a year and the largest percentage of distraction in the workplace is surfing the net? For each of these issues, there are proven methods to assist. If you are finding that surfing the net is your biggest problem, you can implement web filtering tools that block personal sites. There is also time management software and document management software that help in searching for missing documents. Time management skills are hard to develop, but with insight into major employee distractions, you can address the obstacles hindering productivity and do something about it today.

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