Time or Money: How to Hire Project Managers to Handle What You Can't (Or Shouldn't)

Business.com / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

CEO's fall into two categories. They want to do all the work themselves or they want to outsource it all. The trick is to find the balance.

Many entrepreneurs have their hands with a lot of different tasks in their business. Some entrepreneurs believe that they need to do everything themselves, while others believe they can’t do everything, so they outsource it all.

Trying to find the balance is where it gets tough. You can either do the work yourself and do it right or hire a team and expand. Vinnie Fisher emphasizes that as a talent acquisition strategist you have to force the leader to be a strategist or if they aren’t you need to be it with them.

Ever since he’s been running his businesses, he’s had multiple project managers. Being in charge while not being in control of every area of his businesses has taught him five crucial steps when hiring the right project manager.

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It Starts With Self-Awareness

There’s a difference between hiring a project manager and hiring a freelancer outside. Project managers should be an internal activity. So the question of how project managers decide what a person should work on and what they shouldn’t work on is completely dependent on that person’s strengths.

One of the core parts of delegation is self-awareness. The project manager should know what their strengths and weaknesses are. That way they can delegate what they aren’t good at and do the work that they are good at.

It falls to this: Once you are self-aware, the question of what you need to outsource immediately becomes easier to answer. If a certain project isn’t your core strength, you shouldn’t be doing it for the company.

The Right Time to Hire Someone Is When You Are Holding Back the Growth of Your Business

Many people ask this question because they aren’t sure when they need to hire someone. Vinnie Fisher makes it really simple and easy to understand. If you are holding back the growth of your own company, then you know you need to hire a project manager. If there is a hole in the organization and you are the one causing it that’s your sign that it’s time to hire.

Most people would say “Well I don’t have the money to pay that person.” Vinnie counters with “Look at the money you are paying yourself. Are you willing to take a cut in order to fix that hole? If you are, you will take one step back at first but you will move three steps forward after” In order to find the holes in your business, you need to go through an assessment which allows you to define the roles of the people you have and don’t have, so you can then figure out what needs to be filled.

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Foster an Atmosphere for Growth

Build upon each other. If a company has a strong mission statement. Then each and every individual knows exactly what problem they are solving and what core values everyone has you know exactly the problem you are solving. Once you have that, everyone in the business knows what they are working towards. It makes it easier to make real strong decisions.

Another thing, not everyone should be a leader. There are a lot of great people within a company but not all of them are mean to lead. The leader needs to make sure they help the employees be great at what they do. So in all reality, most everyone already wants growth. The company is fighting for a mission and if they all fight for the same mission, they are living inside an atmosphere. 

Create Ownership With Everyone at the Level They Are At

This goes back to self-awareness. One person can’t do everything at the same level of quality. Knowing what you can’t do and giving it to someone else is incredibly important. If someone in the company does social media better than anyone else that role should be for them only. They shouldn’t get assigned different tasks with different skillsets. No one should be looking behind her shoulder to see if she knows what she is doing.

As a result, the social media coordinator isn’t waiting around for direct orders from the boss to get to work. This is also a plus for the company because then it’s no longer a chore. But they have to let go of control in order to have it. Ownership of their craft and role in the business also fosters growth. This allows the CEO to work on their business and not in it.

The Goldmine for Hiring Great Project Managers

Many entrepreneurs will tell you that you can just hire people on job sites like Upwork or Fiverr but Vinnie likes to take a different approach. Go to a local college and become good friends with the marketing professor at the college. Tell him about any staff or students that are coming through that the professor thinks are exceptional. Once the professor gives you the information then you are able to interview the sharpest minds at the college which could lead to a possible position.

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The perks are that you are taking in someone with passion and drive and you also get to bring them in at a very low entry level. You can then train this person and as long as you walk them along the way and invest your time to teach them the ropes they will become the person you need in your business. That way you don’t blow up your budget and you still build rapport from the very beginning. It pays off in the long run.

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