Time to Go Viral: 5 Hacks to Promoting Content

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Promoting your content can be pretty difficult, check out these five hacks to help your content get the views it deserves.

It can be pretty frustrating when you put your heart and soul into creating a piece of content for your audience, only to find that it goes absolutely nowhere. No shares, comments, likes; nothing.

Rather than focus on the problem at hand, many marketers tend to think that the content must have been lacking, and go right back to the drawing board.

Well, I'm here to reassure you that the problem isn't that people didn't like your content, or that it wasn't useful to them; it's that they didn't get the chance to see it.

If you can relate to this problem then you need to start focusing more time on your promotion strategy. So stop slaving away trying to push out more content hoping that it'll stick, and start celebrating the content you've already got.

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1. Reach Out to People Who Have Shared Similar Content

Social media users who have shared content that is similar to yours must have a vested interest in your niche, and marketers are always looking for useful content to share. It doesn't have to be an influencer who has thousands of followers either you'll still benefit from reaching out to a peer who shares similar content, as they will have a similar audience to yours.

To be able to find these peers, type the keyword of your content into the social media search field. Let's say, for example, I created a piece of content surrounding growth hacks. I could type this into the Twitter search engine, and collate a list of people who have also tweeted about this so that I can contact them. Next, follow them on social, comment on their posts, and message them with content that they might be interested in, just be sure that you create a relationship with them first before you ask for a favor.

6 Great Hacks for User Growth Tweet - screenshot

2. Link From Your Highest Performing Content

Your most visited page on your site can really help you promote other pieces of content, so long as the link is relevant. The first step would be to visit Google analytics and find out what your most visited blog article is. Find a way to work a relevant link from that post to your new piece of content, to help drive traffic toward it.

If you wanted it to stand out even more in the post, think about creating a banner so that readers take notice. This is ideal if you've created an ebook, infographic, SlideShare, etc. that you are trying to promote. For example, HubSpot will regularly include a free guide within their posts that the reader might be interested in reading. It's situated at the bottom of the post, but stands out so they can get the benefit from both the blog itself and the ebook they are trying to promote.

Screenshot of Hubspot free ebook "SEO Do's and Don'ts for Schools"

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3. Use Quotes From Influential People

Another great tactic is to use quotes from social media influencers, within your post, like this blog below from Buffer. Not only will this will help build up credibility for your content, but the influencer in question will be more inclined to share the content for you.

Why Promoting Content is Important - screenshot

It would be even more beneficial if you contacted the influencer first for a quote this will mean that you've got unique content and an almost guarantee that the influencer will share it with their audience. Once you've got your piece ready, send them an email and let them know that you've included them within the post. Another option would be to tag them when you post it on social media, to make it easy for them to hit the share button.

4. Mix Up Your Snippets

Optimizing your snippets for each social platforms can help your posts go a lot further, after all, each platform is different. For example, take advantage of the longer snippet on Facebook and lift a quote out of the post, like we have when sharing this piece of content:

Example of a FB post promoting an article on Creativity in Business

Whereas on Twitter, this platform moves fast, so we focused on hashtags that were relevant to the content, in order to reach the right people. We also tagged the author within the snippet, so that we better our chance that he would share it with his followers.

Example of a Tweet shared on an article about Creativity in Business

Continue to keep testing hashtags, images, quotes, and stats, to really get the most out of promoting your post. And don't worry about posting it more than once, your audience may not have been around to see it when you first published it, so set up a schedule with different dates and times, and continue to promote your content.

5. Don't Just Limit Yourself to Social Promotion

Did you know there are plenty of resources, forums, and websites where you can re-purpose your content? You don't just have to rely on social media to reach your audience, after all, your audience may not even be on social media.

Some of the best re-publishing platforms include:

The more places that you can get your content, the more exposure you'll get. Just make sure that if you are re-publishing a blog article, for example, the site includes a canonical tag so that there are no duplication issues.

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Promoting content can often seem like an uphill struggle, but the key is to consistently promote. It does take a lot of time, but rather than creating a different piece that you think may go “viral”, focus on creating one piece of quality content and keep promoting until it gets the recognition it deserves. Good luck!

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