To Compress Or Not? Tools To Stop You Waiting For Days For Video Uploads / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Ever been frustrated by lengthy upload times when showing off your business videos? Well, check out these tools to solve that problem.

Informative, instructional videos are great for brand awareness, positioning yourself as an expert in your particular field and lead generation. Many people are building entire business strategies out of video alone.

But just about every industry can benefit from a stong video content strategy. And with modern editing tools, if you have the will and you presentable and eloquent enough, you can produce a professional-looking finished product without having to spend thousands on studios, lighting, editors or animators.

So, If one of your marketing channels is video, as it should be, then producing for YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or even for your own website, it can be a long-winded process, compounded by you reaching the point of completion and finding your next hour is going to be wasted waiting for the video to upload. 

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You can also cut the time quite significantly these days when it comes to the upload by using some advanced compression tools that are available to the marketplace, many of them free of charge. I've listed my top three below.


ClipChamp, the new kid on the block and only been around since August, but with more than 300,000 users a month, a popular choice. Some reports on Twitter have suggested the compression technology offers improved upload speeds of up to 20 times. The benefits are twofold.

First the software is browser-based and you don't need to download anything to make it work. Secondly, the compression is done user-side, which means the file never leaves your computer and thus, from a privacy point of view, never goes anywhere near a third party server. There's even an API if you want to install it on your own website. 

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The only downside is the current lack of a mobile solution, and with such a huge amount of video coming from mobile devices, this is a hole that needs to be plugged soon. 

Wise Video Converter 

With almost 100,000 downloads through this is a no frills piece of software that does exactly what it says on the tin. Wise Video works on all sorts of files from all sorts of devices, which it can also auto-detect. 

Downside? Well, they don't do this for free all the time. So if you're in for some heavy use, you're going to have to pay. One year will cost you U.S. $29.95

WonderShare Video Converter

Another tool you'll have to download is WonderShare, but judging by the numbers, that's what a lot of people are doing. The numbers suggest it's hit 6,000,000 but then that's by their own count. The beauty of this tool is that it can convert almost anything to anything. I was half-tempted to see if would turn water into wine too. It claims to be thirty times more powerful than any other piece of software, and is packed of editing tools. I felt inadequete just looking at the web page.

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Downsides? Well, with all the extra bells and whistles, you get hit with the price, $59. Still not something you'll need a new mortgage for but if you're on a budget or infrequent projects, it's probably not one for you. 


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