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Tobacco distributors and wholesalers help make cigarettes and other tobacco products much more affordable for you and your customers. ...

Tobacco distributors and wholesalers help make cigarettes and other tobacco products much more affordable for you and your customers. The U.S. federal, state and local governments impose many tobacco taxes that can wind up negatively affecting your earnings. If you can get these products at the right price, however, you stand to make a nice profit.

The Internet makes it easy to review products from a variety of tobacco wholesalers before making purchasing decisions. Online, you can find a wide variety of different tobaccos and accessories, ranging from domestic to international and exotic. This guide will help you:

1. Find wholesale pipe tobacco suppliers.

2. Choose the best cigar and cigarette distributors and suppliers with the widest product selection.

3. Locate wholesale tobacco distributors that supply a variety of hookah tobacco products and accessories.

Get high quality products and accessories from pipe tobacco wholesalers

There are three main varieties of tobacco: Virginia, Barley and Oriental. Pipe tobacco is moist and flavorful in contrast to cigarette tobacco, which is much drier in consistency with far less flavor. The quality and taste of each tobacco type is determined, in part, by the tobacco leaf's position on the plant. Discerning customers demand high quality pipe tobacco, so choose your wholesaler carefully and carry a variety of premium products.

Locate online cigar tobacco distributors to help stock your shelves with quality product

There are well over 2,000 retailers in the U.S selling tobacco products and accessories, including premium cigars, accessories and gift items. To cater to beginning enthusiasts and seasoned aficionados, carry mild and full-flavored cigars, hand wrapped and machine made cigars and a wide range of accessories, including humidors and cigar cutters.

Choose hookah tobacco distributors for premium products and accessories at discount prices

Like fancy cigar lounges where the hippest men and women puffed on premium cigars, hookah smoking is rapidly becoming the newest social smoking craze in America. The hookah pipe is a water pipe with a hose that originated in the Middle East. It encourages a social atmosphere since the pipe is passed around among a group of people.
  • You can get even better deals by asking providers of wholesale tobacco products for last season's merchandise.

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