5 Easy Ways to Boost Office Productivity

Business.com / Work Life / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

These are some methods that will positively affect office staff and help boost productivity.

Managers have a daily task of keeping the workplace as productive as possible without sacrificing morale of staff.

This task can be difficult to find this balance as a manager who pushes too hard can sometimes get the opposite with productivity decreasing. Finding what motivates each department or each individual staff member can take quite a bit of time but it is worth it. This will allow a manager to tap into this when the employee is struggling when it comes to their productivity. The following are just a few of the many unorthodox ways you can boost productivity in the office.

Bring your dog to work

I believe this is one of the least utilized productivity hacks around. Bringing a dog to work promotes a positive attitude along with doing a variety of other things.

A common productivity hack is to take a walk outside to clear your mind as well as get your blood flowing. The fact is that many people forget to force themselves to go outside or simply do not believe there is merit in this. Having a dog in the office forces the owner to go outside a few times a day, which has been shown to increase productivity over the course of the workday.

Bringing a dog into the workplace comes with consideration entire staff, in addition to rules of the office building. Allergies, as well as phobias of dogs, are common, so it is important to make everyone comfortable in the workplace, as comfortable employees are productive employees.

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TV in the office

A television in the office can increase productivity when policies are designed in the correct ways. Allowing hours when certain shows play during lunch hours can be a great way to encourage people to stay in the office and eat.

This gives people the ability to actually take a break rather than worrying about work for a little during the day. Taking breaks has been shown to boost productivity as a whole so this is in line with the research that has been done on that topic.

A television in the office as an informational resource, putting big deadlines as well as reminders for meetings can help with organization immensely. The TV can cycle through birthdays and important date announcements; it doesn't always need to be used for entertainment purposes.

Finally, a TV can help boost productivity during some of the most unproductive times of the year. March Madness is a perfect example of this as companies lose billions of dollars during the opening week alone. Having a TV can allow staff to check scores without going on their phone and possibly going down the rabbit hole that is ESPN.com.

Provide free coffee

Coffee availability used to be an expectation in offices throughout the country. Getting employees out of their zombie-like trance after a tough commute can be challenging, but with the help of caffeine, it's possible.

The caffeine in the coffee triggers dopamine, which can ward off depression and make a staff much more amicable on a Monday morning.

Some staff might not enjoy coffee but there are plenty of affordable options for these people as well. Consider purchasing a giant box of 5 Hour Energy, which can be bought in bulk for less than $1 per energy shot. This will allow staff to increase productivity and it will only cost the company less than a dollar per employee.

Perks cannot be underestimated either as free coffee, energy shots, or energy drinks can lead to positive attitudes about the company from staff.

Limit how often employees can check email

Employees that are waiting on an important email can render themselves useless while waiting. Checking and refreshing every minute is something that may not admit they have done in the past. Limiting the number of times that an employee can check their email per hour can help boost their individual productivity.

Checking email once or twice an hour should be sufficient, especially if their emails are clear as well as concise. Not only will this boost productivity, but it can help with communication between clients and staff. It also makes it easier to track communication instead of having to search through multiple email threads.

Provide wellness initiatives

Wellness initiatives are great for productivity as healthy employees are happy as well as productive. Not only does this boost energy levels in the office but it can be a great way for staff to bond over a common goal of becoming healthy.

This encourages employees in different departments better communicate.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to boost productivity without breaking the bank or changing your current processes too much. Try one of these unorthodox methods to boost productivity and watch your staff respond.

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