Required Reading: Top 10 Blogs for Inbound Marketers / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

With the demand for insightful content, more blogs have appeared that offer material in the form of video, infographics & written content.

Blogs are a great place to get insights and intelligence on your own efforts in business.

Online marketing has become a popular topic among bloggers.

It’s an ideal place for an inbound marketer to get tips about how they might improve their own strategies or learn about new tools, platforms, and solutions.

With the demand for insightful marketing content, more blogs have appeared that offer extensive material in the form of video, infographics, written content and more.

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While you may not have time to read every marketing blog that’s out there, be sure to check out these top 10 blogs for inbound marketers:

1. Hubspot

This popular marketing blog offers some of the highest volume of high-quality, diverse content to help the inbound marketer with all aspects of marketing and business, including productivity, budgeting, forecasting and more.

A wide range of authors contribute to the Hubspot marketing blog. Hubspot also has a Sales blog and Agency blog to further enhance the value the company delivers in terms of trends, solutions, and research that it has collected in partnership with other companies.

2. Moz 

It has all the necessary ingredients like professionalism, in-depth research, and diversity in content, but Moz also features writers that add some entertaining and fun to their content's tone.

Everything is covered in various forms across topics like PR, advertising, landing pages and analytics just to name a few.

3. Blueleadz

As a company that specializes in inbound marketing, this is a great source to get high-level expertise and experience.

Many of the blog posts are very in-depth to the point of becoming tutorials or guides that walk you through making specific changes to tactics or explaining a specific tool or technology that can enhance your inbound marketing efforts.

4. Vertical Response

This blog is formatted in the style of a magazine, offering a detailed layout that connects you to different subcategories of topics on their blog, including email marketing, social media, content marketing and copywriting and small business marketing just to name a few.

However, their list of categories covers over 30 different areas that encompass inbound marketing and provide a way to stay current in your knowledge and expertise.


This blog is set up in a forum style so that those within the industry can contribute to the conversation and offer relevant content to share with peers.

It is divided into various areas, including articles, discussions, and comments. You can search by topic to get easy access to an array of content related to that area of interest.

The exchange of ideas offered on this blog makes it a top choice because the various tips offered from all types of industry professionals enriches the information you receive here.

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6. Cision

Known as a "global media intelligence company," Cision offers a world of intelligence and current research on the state of marketing and public relations.

Categories make it easy to find specific areas of interest, including trends, influencers, best practices, media updates and top lists that break down the best of the best in various areas of marketing.

7. Copyblogger

In focusing on a specific area of inbound marketing, this blog is dedicated to content creation, management, and analysis.

It does include all types of content, including social media, email, website, online marketing, online advertising and other channels.

8. Digital Marketer

As a well-known purveyor of marketing solutions for companies of all sizes, the company offers a compelling blog with regular posts that cover today's biggest issues and trends that are impacting marketers.

The information provided helps you stay current on everything from regulatory changes and compliance requirements to technical posts that cover the analytics behind all types of marketing tools and platforms to operational concerns like finding talent, developing digital marketing strategies, and generating good content ideas.

9. Quick Sprout

In addition to QuickSprout, Founder Neil Patel has also co-founded Crazy Egg and Hello Bar. Considered to be a top influencer on the Web and leading online marketer, Patel offers up an insightful blog that is rich in relevant content for marketers along with numerous action items that can be easily implemented.

His topics also go beyond marketing and cover many current issues within business that touch on this function while impacting other areas of a company that may also interest the marketer.

10. Top Rank Marketing Blog

Linked to an admired digital marketing agency led by Lee Odden and Susan Misukanis, this blog often includes case studies and examples of marketing strategies that they have successfully implemented.

It also touches on marketing challenges that they have faced and how they solved them.

The content covers a diverse set of topics related to content marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, SEO, public relations, business blogging, consulting and training.

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These are some of the best blogs to have as part of your daily and weekly reading material. If you are looking for even more, companies like have created comprehensive lists of the top marketing blogs.


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