Talking Tech: Top 5 Speech Technology Events to Attend in 2016 / Business Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Does speech technology impact your business? Check out these five speech technology events that you are going to want to attend this year.

Speech technology is one area that every business can make gains in. It’s worthwhile to invest in speech technology either directly or as part of another niche.

Current research states that now complex mathematical equations are used to make it more effective than ever before, and that makes it usable and viable in a business sense.

Takers of the Series 7 Exam, the driving exam, and even language tests will find themselves increasingly coming into contact with speech technology.

If you are interested in utilizing speech technology, or you simply want to find out what it’s all about broaden your knowledge with these five speech technology events in 2016.

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If you are interested in attending any event on speech technology, SpeechTek is the one you should set the budget aside for. It doesn’t matter if you have an interest in this sector or you are working within the space directly. It’s the chance to learn about improvements and advancements within this niche.

But crucially you won’t just learn about what’s happening you will learn about how you can apply those things to your business. Through a series of experts from multiple business areas, you will learn all about the benefits of speech technology and how to improve the customer experience when using it.

There are multiple keynote presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. The best and the brightest in the industry are known for putting in appearances at SpeechTek.

Call Center Week

You may be wondering why a conference called Call Center Week aimed at customer care made this list. The truth is that if you are interested in customer service or you happen to leverage telemarketing campaigns and support lines you will gain a lot from attending. Everyone from middle managers and up can learn to improve and optimize the customer experience through using things like speech technology.

For example, you may be administering training courses for the FINRA Series 7 – General Securities Representative Exam but you may be dealing with someone over the phone that needs some additional support through speech technology. You can learn from experts who have been there and done it before.

It’s most certainly a conference you can rely on time and time again as this is the 17th edition of it.

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ATiA Conference

The Assistive Technology Industry Association (AITA) conference is the biggest international conference that specializes in delivering presentations on technology designed to assist those with disabilities. Speech technology plays a big role in this, even though it’s directed towards anything that can help disabled people function.

Anyone working within speech technology will be able to network with some of the brightest in the business. Through this conference, you will discover some of the latest advancements in this technology. You will also learn more about your target audience and what they really want.


Speech technology has played a major role in the learning industry in recent years. Students have increasingly seen speech technology being used in the classroom, and this doesn’t just apply to disabled students. eCourses, for example, have seen a reliance on speech technology in recent years.

Anyone who is interested in bringing together technology and learning can attend DevLearn 2016. Even if you’re not directly involved in the education field, this conference can show you a lot about the different applications of speech technology. It’s also a chance to consider broadening your horizons and marketing to a new sector.

There are ample opportunities to make connections with other businesses and generate new leads.

NAB Show

The National Association of Broadcasters produces this conference every year. It’s the biggest video and audio broadcasting event on the planet and it’s where the professionals come to learn more about their trade and how they can go about improving.

This is the number one event for anyone using speech technology for entertainment purposes, or for a business producing podcasts and other pieces of similar media. The size of this event already makes it worthwhile. You’ll see that it’s the only event on this list that has managed to warrant its own Wikipedia page.

The NAB Show could demonstrate some uses for speech technology you may have never considered before. There’s also the potential for making vital connections that could take your business to the next level.

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Conclusion – Speech Technology and Unique Avenues

As you can see from these five conferences, you don’t necessarily have to attend conferences directed specifically at speech technology to take something away from them. Think outside the box and attend conferences that concentrate on the industries you will be directly marketing to.

By broadening your horizons in this way, you can get come up with new avenues to exploit and more leads to follow.


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