6 Tech Companies With the Most Extravagant Job Perks

Business.com / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

From unlimited vacation days and catered lunches to ping pong tournaments and dog-friendly offices, find out the best tech company perks.

Unlimited vacation time? Yep.

Dog-friendly offices? Absolutely.

Ping pong tables and prom night? You got it.

Baby elephant petting zoos? Okay, so that last one might be a tad bit of an exaggeration, but there’s no denying it: tech company perks make pulling those 14+ hour days a lot easier.

Jealous that your company doesn’t offer an indoor tree house like Airbnb does? Try not to get too green with envy when you see the cushy perks that tech employees at these companies enjoy:

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Unlimited vacation and sick days is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits offered to Foursquare employees. From monthly gym fee reimbursements to catered lunches, Foursquare is big on promoting a healthy lifestyle. Feeling hungry between meals?

Just make a beeline for one of the many break room fridges that the company keeps fully stocked with healthy goodies, according to this Business Insider post.


At most tech companies, an unlimited vacation day policy can be a Catch-22: as much as you’d love to be lying poolside with a tropical drink in hand, there’s also a fear that if you do take a vacation you’ll be labeled as “lazy” or “not a team player."

Evernote CEO Phil Libin is a big believer in vacation time, however, saying that the more refreshed his employees are, the more productive they will be. That’s why Evernote not only provides employees with unlimited vacation and sick days but also offers them $1,000 in vacation “bonus pay." If they fail to take a minimum of one week off, they’ll lose out on the bonus. That infinity pool never looked so good.

ping pong office table



Method is famous for working with some of the biggest names in digital branding and design. But the Method team isn’t solely about serious work: they let loose with ping pong tournaments in a custom-built room that are lined with Astroturf.

The company has also been known to throw top-notch parties, including Method's annual “Prom Night” that comes complete with committees, decorations, and photo booths.

office yoga; eventbrite



Seed-funded startups couldn’t possibly afford to provide as many perks as the tech giants, right? Think again. At Buzzstarter, employees enjoy perks like Wednesday yoga, a dog-friendly office, Thursday night happy hour, unlimited vacation times, and daily lunches delivered and paid for on the company's dime.

Plus, Buzzstarter is still small enough to involve the entire staff in the planning for fun quarterly company retreats.

Dolby Theater


Calling all movie lovers! Not only does Dolby have the aesthetics mastered—a modern office space with exposed brick walls and sky-high ceilings—but if you land a job at Dolby, you can say goodbye to costly movie theater tickets.

Every Dolby employee in both the San Francisco and London offices can watch the latest big-screen blockbusters in the company’s state-of-the-art screening rooms. No word on if popcorn is provided, however.


Who isn't curious about the perks offered by a company that has been voted the best place to work in the Bay Area for six years and counting? In office yoga, unlimited vacations, free lunch, dog-friendly offices and monthly gym membership fee reimbursements are just the beginning. 

Eventbrite also has a relaxation lounge for midday power naps and bike storage. Plus, the company fields a team for the Tennis Table Turf Wars, an annual charity event that raise money for underprivileged college students, complete with a post-tournament celebratory soiree.

Bottom Line

Despite chatter in recent months about a possible tech bubble burst, the tech industry remains awash in cash and the perks that embody Silicon Valley’s work hard, play hard attitude.

You may have to forfeit your social life (and ability to sleep) in order to make it in the tech world, but at least you can take Fido to the office with you.

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