Top 6 Ways Professionals Can Use Windows Smart Devices / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Windows smart phone operating system makes it easy to stay organized and productive in the workplace across all devices.

As of February 2016, Microsoft’s Windows 10 is the second most used operating system running on 11.85 percent of global PCs. Its older version, Windows 7, still holds the top stop and is in use on 52.47 percent of the world’s computers.

A contributor to CNET has dubbed the new operating system as a vast improvement from the the old reliable Windows 7 and the touchscreen focus of the recent Windows 8.

The main improvement for Windows 10 lies in Microsoft’s Universal Windows apps, which now run seamlessly across all devices, whether they be desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

Although Windows smart phones come in at a distant third to Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone, Microsoft’s desktops, laptops, and tablets do well with the operating system because they were created with businesses in mind. And, Windows phone enthusiasts still believe the operating system can hold its own against the iPhone and Apple.

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Top 6 Uses for Windows Smart Devices in the Workplace:

1. Office Suite

Office Suite allows you to work on multiple projects across many platforms. You can access, edit, and share your office documents all in one convenient place. Microsoft’s popular Outlook allows you to sync your tasks and scheduled events across multiple Windows 10 devices so you never miss a meeting or conference call.

Another major player in the Office app collection is Skype for Business which was formerly called Lync. This is a Window’s voice and video communication app that allows you to chat, using your smartphone or table, with individuals or groups through instant messaging. 

2. Convenient Contacts

This allows you to see and access all the contacts you have through various compatible email accounts such as Outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and Skype. Not only does this expand your immediate list of contacts, but it allows you to make the customizations you need. You can choose which platforms to include in your contact list while disabling others.

Windows Convenient Contacts takes it one step further. When you click on a contact name, all the current information to have on that contact is displayed, including past conversations, recent calls, and even their social media activity. Fast and current information like this can help both business owners and professionals maintain stronger work connections with clients and co-workers. 

3. Security

Enhanced security and encryption are available on smart Windows devices to protect businesses and professionals in the workplace. These smart devices won’t run software that hasn’t been validated by Microsoft. The Windows smartphone is the only phone with native support for Information Rights Management that can be used to protect a business’s sensitive data.

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4. GoToMeeting

The GoToMeeting App is becoming increasingly important in a business world that is evolving and expanding at such an extremely fast rate. This meeting app allows up to 25 people to join a virtual meeting from almost any device connected to the internet. The app makes scheduling meetings, sending out invitations and accepting the invitation as easy as possible. One of its most notable features is speaker identification. This featured allows meeting attendees to always know who is talking during the meeting. 

5. OneDrive

OneDrive for Business provides a place in the cloud for companies to store, share, and sync work files. It even allows you to work on Office documents with other people at the same time. This allows for easy access of current workings on projects and documents that can be shared throughout an office setting and contributed to by various employees. 

6. Cortana

Cortana is the voice-activated virtual assistant of a business owner’s dreams. Cortana can create appointments, set reminders and alarms, and take notes that are then saved in OneNote. To receive the information, you need, simply ask basic questions like, “What is my schedule?” or “Show me my notes.”

In addition to keeping you organized and on time, Cortana can provide quick answers to questions that pop up throughout the work day. Cortana can find basic information on a variety of subjects, but if you need more in-depth information you can use Cortana to search the web through Bing. To activate simply say, “Hey Cortana.”

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What's Your Opinion?

While Windows 10 smart devices may be slow to take over the hold Google and Apple have on the smart phone market, their streamlined operating system makes it easy to stay organized and productive in the workplace across all devices. Why do you love your Windows phone?

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