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Top 6 Wiki Software to Keep Yourself Organized

David Miller

Enterprise wiki software helps you in keeping yourself organized and grow your company more efficiently.

We all have busy lives. We are doing so many things at a time with our computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones that hinder us from remaining focused and adhering to important tasks.

We often forget important tasks and appointments. We all look for a solution that can keep us organized and alarm us for the important upcoming tasks.

For this purpose, some people opt the note-taking apps and to-do list facility while in this guide, you will come to know about another solution which is the personal wiki and 6 top wiki software that can help you in keeping yourself organized.

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The Use of Wiki Software

Wikipedia is a very useful tool. The wiki concept got recognition in many different realms such as the video games, music databases, movies and TV shows. Wiki offers you a convenient way of organizing loads of information that can be easily modified.

Most of the software offered by wiki have such features that are compatible with the large-scale application and are more like enterprise wiki software but when we use them for a small scale application then they become congested, and we rather face trouble using them.

Don’t worry because there is also some wiki software that helps you on the personal wiki.

The top six wiki software that can help you in organizing yourself are mentioned below. 

1. WikidPad

WikidPad, designed in the manner of the wiki, is an open-source notebook and makes your knowledge management tasks easy and convenient. There can be multiple pages within the WikidPad. Whenever you come across new references, you can click over to them because the multiple pages of the WikidPad are cross-linked in the text.

WikiPad screenshot

The pages of WikidPad should be titled in the conventional wiki style: MaddyResume; OutlineArticle; ComposeToDoList, etc. To create a new page in WikiPad, you only need to type a new WikiWord.

This online wiki software is made specifically for Windows. However, it can also be installed on Linux and Mac. You can visit the website and get proper instructions for installation. The data in WikiPad is stored in simple text, and therefore, you can easily export the pages when you need, to somewhere else.

2. TiddlyWiki

Neat software that is best suitable to help you be organized. TiddlyWiki is a very small program that comprises of only an HTML and a JAR file. Open your browser and run the HTML file in it. Tiddlywiki is compatible with almost all the internet browsers. There is one single page, and you can open different tiddlers on that page.

TiddlyWiki Screenshot

Tiddler is just a section of text. Cross-linking between tiddlers is exactly as between pages in the wiki. TiddlyWiki is easy to understand and presents you appreciable knowledge management tool.

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3. ProProfs Wiki Software

You can use the software according to your requirement such as to plan any event, note the progress of home improvement projects or to outline your novel. Similar to this through ProProfs Wiki Software you can easily create online Frequently asked questions, help centers, support docs and user guides using some branded features that are available to you with pre-made themes or you may customize them with HTML and CSS tags. Thus, you can make yourself more organized.

This is not your typical plugin, which allows you to have a word with your customer. It provides you much more than just that. It’s your one-stop solution for all your needs. In addition, you are particularly looking for a plugin that will see you through your live chat needs. Yes, you do not have to leave your customers stranded on your website, you can accommodate whatever they ask of you by actually exchanging words with them. 

4. Tomboy Notes

For those, who consider WikiPad full of extra features, Tomboy Notes is a good substitute. Tomboy is a program based on a notebook with multiple pages that can be cross-linked. To create the link, you will have to click the Link button and select the page you want to link. 

5. Scribbleton

Scribbleton is another personal wiki which allows you to organize yourself by storing different things like quick notes, detailed to-do lists, novel outline and the resumes. Different words, pages, and phrases can be linked together easily.

The Scribbleton wiki document can be read and wrote on Mac, Windows or Linux. Scribbleton is compatible with all the platforms of your choice. The entire Scribbleton wiki can be exported thus ensuring you the availability of your data all the time. 

Scribbleton Screenshot

6. ZimWiki

Zimwiki is another useful wiki software that helps you in remaining organized. It offers you a feasible way of cross-linking. You can not only create a link to point towards any other page but can also look into all the links present on a page. You can export the ZimWiki file to HTML, and there are a lot of key bindings in ZimWiki so that you can navigate efficiently. To extend the functionality, there is also a plugin system.

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