Top 8 Posts of the B2B Marketing Blog in 2012 / Marketing Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

With the New Year off and running, here's a recap of some of 2012's best B2B marketing posts from

We've had a great year and hope you have too. As you reflect on what your business has done well over the past twelve months, we want to share some of our most popular posts. From content marketing to social media and lead generation, we've covered a lot of ground and it seems your marketing team has too. With the New Year off and running, here's a recap of some of 2012's best B2B marketing posts from

  1. Keywords Key When Creating B2B Marketing Content -- Get your keywords right the first time. If you've been ranking lower, try out these tips for better results in the New Year.
  2. Why You Should Follow Up With Leads for Maximum Conversions -- Did you know 6 calls to a lead creates up to a 90% chance of contacting a lead, but only 10% of reps even make 3 calls? Check out this article for more stats about following up for more success.
  3. 4 Quick Tips for Improving Conversion Rates -- Do testing and segmentation really make a difference? Increase sales and conversion rates with a structured testing approach.
  4. Does Your Marketing Plan Fully Utilize Social Media? -- This is one bandwagon you shouldn't wait to hop on. Make sure your B2B business is making the most of social media.
  5. Landing Pages That Stick for Conversions That Soar -- To maximize conversions, landing pages should be geared to the reason the person has clicked-through. Here are the three key elements of a successful landing page.
  6. Accurate Timing Affects Email Marketing Success - US marketers indicated that being able to ensure emails arrived during a specific time window increased engagement. This post shares the effects of email timing and how you can be successful.
  7. The Best Social Media Platforms for B2B Marketers -- Now that you know your business should be on social media, understand what the best platforms for your business are an how to use it. Read this article for some of the best practices.
  8. Recapture Leads with Retargeting -- Recapture the attention of leads that weren't ready to make a purchase the first time or two they visit your site and boost your conversion rates. See how here.

Thank you for reading and sharing our content in 2012. Here's to 2013 and a New Year of great B2B marketing blog posts! Are there any topics you'd like us to cover?

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