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Accounting firms are always looking for talented fresh faces to join their team of experts. To land one of the many jobs at accounting ...

Accounting firms are always looking for talented fresh faces to join their team of experts. To land one of the many jobs at accounting companies, you need to get the proper training and build a resume of schooling and experience that you can bring to the CPA firms. Successful accounting firm professionals bring a combination of formal training and on-the-job accountants training.

There are a number of schools that provide Internet accounting diplomas and certificates. You’ll often have to take a low-end job to get your foot in the door of national accounting firms to build your resume. Make sure that while you’re advancing you also remember to work on building relationships within the local accounting firms community. Find training for national CPA firms in a number of places.

1. Get an online degree for accountants

2. Look for job training through organizations for CPA firms

3. Use an online company for additional training for CPA companies

Go to an Internet school for accounting businesses

You can get a certificate or a professional degree through a number of online universities and other training programs. While most public accounting companies will want to see at least a Bachelor's degree, any other certificates you can acquire will aid in your job search. Get your CPA credentials to help you land a good spot as well.

Join accounting firm associations for training

Most professional organizations offer continuing education programs as well as seminars and other opportunities to increase your accounting skills. Take advantage of the training while you are making those important connections that can land you a job and further your career.

Earn certificates for accountant firm advancement

Even after acquiring your advanced degree, you need to keep up with the industry and pad your resume with other certificates and training programs. In addition to the seminars you attend, look for niche subjects to gain proficiency in to enhance your employment opportunities. Add every new certificate to your resume and keep all the official copies of your successful completion of these courses to frame and hang on your office wall.
  • Check with your employer to find out if your company pays for training for accountants. Often, a public accounting firm will support your efforts to get a license.

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