Training for Television Control Room and Studio Equipment / Business Basics / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Operating TV studio equipment can be a fun and creative job. Camera and audio equipment operators and TV control room engineers ...

Operating TV studio equipment can be a fun and creative job. Camera and audio equipment operators and TV control room engineers participate directly in the production of live and taped programming. All television studio equipment is sophisticated, and the technology is continually advancing. Your team should find training for television control room and studio equipment that takes place on the latest equipment.

There are many training possibilities available to learn all about television studio equipment. There are textbooks and how-to guides, self-study courses, college classes and other options. In addition to equipment operation techniques, your staff can learn the basics of TV studio design and other related topics. As you plan your company's training for television control room and studio equipment, remember the following things:

1. You can find valuable books on operating TV studio equipment.

2. Many colleges and school districts offer television studio equipment classes.

3. Sources provide online and other types of video control room training.

Check out books for training on TV control room equipment

Libraries, college and general book stores carry a variety of books on the operation of TV studio equipment. Your business also can find books from professional video and audio providers. For visual learners, print media can be an excellent introductory step.

Take classes on TV studio control room devices

If a school setting with a fully equipped studio will enhance your team's training, there are many possibilities. Your business can find entry-level training at local community colleges and public-access stations. You can learn to manage a control room, television cameras and other sophisticated instruments. Check schedules for availability.
Ohlone College is one of many colleges that offers an array of training on equipment for TV studio and control room. Learn skills from directing a television crew to operating switchers and mixers, to running other state-of-the-art video control room devices. Check out the beginner, intermediate, advanced and special classes on TV studio control room equipment offered by FCAC. Similar classes are held at Sound View for Connecticut public access TV.

Find Internet sources of training for television studio equipment

There are several different online opportunities for TV equipment training. TV production educators, equipment manufacturers, and technology providers offer instruction on any and all TV studio equipment. Consider assigning staff to training on different devices.
Train your team on the operation of television studio equipment with Digital Classroom. It's hands-on; your staff will produce live or taped TV-quality programs. Learn sound mixing from the experts at PSP Converter. Many TV studios use their converter equipment. Get an introduction to TV studio equipment training from Hi-Tech Enterprises. It offers complete online courses, CDs on all key equipment for group or self study, as well as on-site and in-house classes.
  • Regardless of the source of the initial training for television control room and studio equipment, the learning isn't complete without hands-on practice with the equipment. Learners should be able to create satisfactory "products" with the TV studio equipment.

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