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Six Sigma, a total quality management (TQM) system, is a process measurement tool that uses statistics to calculate the degree of ...

Six Sigma, a total quality management (TQM) system, is a process measurement tool that uses statistics to calculate the degree of excellence provided by a product or service. Six Sigma represents a quality level that ranks near-perfection with approximately three defects per million. Most businesses operate at about four-sigma, a figure that represents more than 6,000 defects per million opportunities. They forfeit approximately 15% of their total revenue due to defects. TQM theory and training for total quality management puts customers first, uses data driven facts and focuses on results-oriented management skill development with a hands-on approach.

W. Edwards Deming developed total quality management to increase the production quality of goods and services after World War II. TQM theory includes four main principles. The first doctrine refers to interconnected relationships in which synergistic relationships are essential to enhance performance and production. The second principle speaks of ongoing self-improvement and evaluation. The third belief refers to a system of continuous process. The fourth principle alludes to management being responsible for the success and training for total quality management.

1. Investigate training-based TQM information.

2. Acquire total quality management systems software.

3. Participate in educational and networking programs.

Tap total quality management theory at colleges and universities

Explore progressive programs that use streaming video and other state-of-the-art training techniques. In addition, look for certified online or in-person educational programs that incorporate total quality management system theory.
Michigan Engineering. Industry professors and investigation scientists teach this online certification program that resides at the University of Michigan. Study total quality management at the University of South Florida. Obtain your TQM certificate through their department of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering.

Invest in software applications that use total quality management theories

Purchase systems that thoroughly study data, decide the significant factors and engage in data-based decision making. Look for software that manages data and analyzes it with implementation capabilities for green belt projects at the minimum. For instance, some programs provide comprehensive platforms for green belts, black belts and master black belts, classification for executors and overseers of Six Sigma processes.

Hire companies that use TQM theories customized for your unique circumstance

Use elements of total quality management to enhance your job productivity and increase customer satisfaction. Transform your business with total quality management information.
  • Study total quality management articles and industry-based literature to maximize your training. Review TQM information on a regular basis to stay current on total quality management in business.

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