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Transportation sales that are steady are key elements for small trucking companies. Down time and deadhead miles cost money; and the ...

Transportation sales that are steady are key elements for small trucking companies. Down time and deadhead miles cost money; and the development of a reliable customer base with interconnecting freight paths is essential to your business success.

Before you can find viable transportation sales leads, it’s wise to assess what you’re looking for. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. What are the limitations of my available equipment?

2. What shipping lanes do I currently service without backhauls in place?

3. Am I willing to arrange LTL shipments rather than deadhead between customers?

4. In which regions would I like to expand or discontinue service?

5. Can I wait a month for payment, or is it necessary to find transportation sales leads offering immediate turnaround pay?

There are a vast number of sales lead sources for transportation companies. The trick is to eliminate sources that don’t pertain to your business. All the reefer freight listings in the country are useless to a flatbedding company. Once you assess your specific business needs, you can focus your research on potential clients your business can use.

Locate potential shipper sales leads for transportation within your shipping lanes

Determine what manufacturers and warehousing facilities reside within a 20 mile radius of existing clients. Investigate their product, shipping equipment used, (flatbed vs. dry van, for example) and whether they ship truckload or LTL freight. Make a list of shipping sales leads your company has the ability to service.

Utilize load boards for transportation industry sales leads

Load boards provide sales leads transportation companies, shippers and brokers can all use. The boards list available shipments and trucks in one easy to read location. In addition, many allow available truck postings for free. Load boards are often searchable by a number of parameters, such as by company and shipment date; as well as by origin or destination city, ZIP code or radius. Not all load boards are equal; if you provide LTL transportation sales, be certain the load board you choose offers LTL listings.

Align your business with brokerages offering sales leads for the transportation industry

For a percentage of each load, brokers provide your business with access to thousands of shippers. It's essential that you find reputable brokers in order to limit your company's financial risk.
  • Always use an outside, third party credit checking service to evaluate transportation sales leads. Credit information provided on load boards is often inaccurate. Remember, shippers and brokers pay for the load board's services the same way carriers do. It's a conflict of interest for the load board to display negative information about its own customers in a public forum.

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