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Treat Your Customers to Tea

Ed Drozda
Ed Drozda

Wouldn't it be great to have your customers over for a spot of tea? Customer appreciation is after all a vital component of business success. While having your customers over for tea may not be an ideal endeavor for the Upton Tea Imports of Holliston, MA, they do make sure that folks have tea to serve and to enjoy, wherever they may be.

Though I am not a tea drinker, my wife surely is and she's long been a customer of Upton Tea. My inspiration for this post was provided by Upton Tea's owner, Tom XXX. With each catalogue Tom includes a brief article, Notes to our Valued Customers. The following is excerpted from the latest catalogue:

As I sat down to write this letter to our valued customers, the mail arrived, with a book-sized envelope addressed by hand to Upton Tea Imports The envelope contained a book entitled, Gates of Wilbur: Shelter on a Stormy Night. Upon opening the book I read the inscription:

To the smart folks at Upton Tea

Thank you for all you provide,
you are a daily inspiration.

(signed by the author)

It reconfirmed my belief that there is more to business than the financial transactions that take place on a daily basis. Above all, the impact that we have on the customers we cherish takes highest priority. That is one of the reasons we remain a small company with no aspirations of merger or acquisition. We've been in business for just over a quarter century and we look forward to earning your support for decades to come.

I've written often about the importance of sustainable success. Success can be and often is fleeting. Sustainable success is not only a laudable goal but it's one that provides the greatest fulfillment, satisfaction and benefit to all parties. There are a host of elements that contribute to sustainable success- conviction, dedication, passion and excellence among them. Each of these elements must be directed to your employees, customers and suppliers.

I know my wife can vouch for the service and product this company provides. Tom's words struck me as far more than mere words; they inspired me. They inspired me to share with you in hopes that you too will come to know and enjoy sustainable success.

Here's to you.

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Ed Drozda
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