Trump's Posse: The Who's Who of Trump's Supporters / Entrepreneurship / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Who are the people and companies that support Trump, other than Tom Brady? Take a peek at who's fired up for Donald Trump.

Since officially declaring his candidacy for the President of the United States on June 16th, Donald Trump has been a lot of things, but he certainly hasn't been boring. 

While others can’t seem to put enough distance between themselves and the brash presidential candidate, there are plenty of supporters ready to back him or have his back—from Hollywood A-Listers to multi-million dollar corporations. 

Let's take a look at some of Trump's posse:

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The A-Listers

Trump's hit reality TV show "The Apprentice" earned him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Trump knows his way around Tinsel Town, so it's no surprise he's got some A-list advocates.

Clint Eastwood 

No stranger to politics himself, the former nonpartisan mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea in California has shared his opinion on Donald Trump in a pretty big way. Not only does Eastwood support him, he’s speaking on behalf of Trump in California, Arizona and Nevada. Eastwood, who lives in California, is in a state with some pretty significant immigration issues, which makes his support of Trump hit closer to home.

In turn, Trump tweeted “I will be in California this weekend making a speech for Clint Eastwood.” Could you imagine Vice President Eastwood?

Sean (P. Diddy) Combs & Kayne West

Donald Trump’s list of friends who are famous rappers is growing, and among them, are Sean (P. Diddy) Combs and Kayne West. In an interview with The Washington Post, Diddy said, “Donald Trump is a friend of mine, and he works very hard." 

P. Diddy with Melania Trump

Gary Busey

The eccentric former "Celebrity Apprentice" star Gary Busey is all about supporting Trump. In an interview with Fox News this past September, Busey endorsed Trump by saying “I know him personally, I know him professionally. He’s a great guy. He’s sharp. He’s fast. He can change the country after the last eight years.” 

Trump with Gary Busey

Dennis Rodman

NBA hall-of-famer Dennis Rodman tweeted his support to his "great" friend's campaign for the White House. "@realDonaldTrump has been a great friend for many years. We don't need another politician, we need a businessman like Mr. Trump! Trump 2016." 

The Corporates

Seems some higher ups at some pretty big companies are supporting Trump. As law prohibits organizations themselves from donating, it does not keep the company owners from doing so. Below is just one big power player supporting Trump. 

Meridian Capital Group

Meridian Capital Group is the third-largest mortgage broker in the United States doing more than $30 billion in national business last year.  Meridian Capital Group donated $5,000 to Trump’s presidential campaign in late June.

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The Political Pundits

From the moment Trump announced he was running for the Republican nomination in June, the talking head class has been swinging and missing. But it should come as no surprise, he is beloved by the conservatives. Here are his top three supporters from the pundits. 

Ann Coulter Introduces Donald Trump in Iowa during a 2016 Presidential Campaign Rally

Ann Coulter

Author and conservative syndicated columnist Ann Coulter introduced Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Dubuque, Iowa. Here's a gem from her introduction: "I love the idea of the Great Wall of Trump. I want to have a two drink minimum. Make it a big world-wide tourist attraction and everyday live drone shows whenever anyone tries to cross the border. I have not had this much hope for America since November 7, 2012...God hasn't given up on America yet."

Rush Limbaugh

The top conservative radio host in America came to Trump's defense over the McCain debacle. Limbaugh called upon his loyal fans to rally to Trump’s defense. "McCain has spent a long career in the U.S. Senate slamming conservatives, and Trump deserves our full-throated support for standing up to him."

Rush Limbaugh is one of Trump's biggest fans

Michael Savage

"The Savage Nation" conservative radio host showed his support of the real estate billionaire's candidacy, stating in an interview that Donald Trump is the "Winston Churchill of our time." 

On the Fence

The Teamsters

Just last month a caller to the Rush Limbaugh Show told Rush that Teamsters’ members love Donald Trump––even Democrat Teamster members. The International Brotherhood of Teamsters, one of the largest labor unions in the United States, is seeking a meeting with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The move could be a potential snub to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton who has been relying on the endorsement of major labor groups. Stay tuned.

As the Trump show continues to shock, baffle and provoke, it will be interesting to see who in his posse will stick with him.

Image via Michael Vadon

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