Two-Factor Authentication Makes Data Breach Protection Better Than Ever / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Though some companies do get hacked, many never get hacked, and there is one good reasons for that. Get ready to two-step!

There are numerous ways that you can protect yourself and your business from a breach of data.

Too many people assume that this is impossible, as so many large companies find themselves in the middle of this situation. Though some companies do get hacked, many never do, and there are good reasons for that:

  • Every account must have two-factor authentication. This protection helps to eliminate the chances of exposing passwords. Once a hacker has your password, which is the only thing they need to access the account, you are in deep water.
  • With this authentication, the user must first enter the password, and then enter a code. Though a hacker may have access to the password, they will not have access to the code, as it changes every time a user logs in.

There are a number of different settings that you can use to utilize a two-factor authentication depending on the platform:

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The two-factor authentication process for Facebook is called "Login Approvals." To set this up, go to the Settings, and find the Security area. In that section, you will find the Login Approval option, and a box with the label "Require a Security Code." Check the box and follow the instructions.

Facebook Login Approval


To set up the two-factor authentication for Google, visit the site Here, you will find a "Get Started" button at the top right. When you click it, you can choose to receive a code via test or phone call. You will also use the same process for YouTube and all other Google Services.


For Twitter users, set up two-factor authentication by using the "Login Verification" process. To set it up, go to the Twitter site, and click the gear icon at the top of the page on the right. Choose the "Security and Privacy" option, and then "Login Verification." Follow the instructions to set it up.

Twitter Account Secutiy


For PayPal, this is called the "Security Key." To set up the two-factor authentication process, choose the "Security and Protection" option at the top right of the page after logging in. Click where it says "PayPal Security Key," and then click "Go to Register Your Mobile Phone." Enter your phone number, and you will receive your code.


Yahoo! uses a process called "Two-Step Verification." To turn it on, hover over your Yahoo! avatar, which will bring up a menu. Click the Account Settings, and then Account Info. Here, you will find a section labeled "Sign-In and Security." Click the link that says "Set up your second sign-in verification." Enter a phone number and you will receive a code by text.


Microsoft also calls their two-factor authentication a "Two-Step Verification." To set it up, go to, and then click the "Security Info" link.  Here, you can click the link to "Set Up Two-Step Verification," and then follow the prompts.


As with others, Apple also calls their authentication process a "Two-Step Verification." To set it up, sign into with your Apple ID. Click the link "Passwords and Security," and then answer questions to get to the "Manage Your Security Settings" page. Type in your phone number, and receive your code.

apple security verification


Also a "Two-Step Verification," set-up the LinkedIn two-factor authentication process by hovering over your avatar and opening the "Privacy and Settings" option on the drop-down menu. Chose the "Account" option and then "Security Settings." Here, you will see the option "Two-Step Verification for Sign-In." Enter a phone number, and get your code.

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Final Tips for Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication

Here are some final tips for setting up two-factor authentication:

  • Make sure you have unlimited text messaging on your phone. You don't want to be waiting for a code only to find it never comes.
  • If an account doesn't have two-step authentication there may be other security measures on the site.
  • You should only receive a code from this process. If receiving anything else, it could be a scam.

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