Types of Bar Glassware for a Full-Service Bar

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The right glass adds the perception of quality to the drink you serve. Knowing the standard bar glasses and the specific shapes and ...

The right glass adds the perception of quality to the drink you serve. Knowing the standard bar glasses and the specific shapes and sizes appropriate for various drinks and cocktails will help you make the right purchases for your restaurant. In today's modern full-service bar, there is a stunning range of restaurant bar glassware and bar supplies available.

Beer mug

A beer mug is a thick, heavy mug used for beer or beer-shot combination.

Beer pilsner

Pilsner glasses are wider at the top and narrow down to the bottom. This type of beer glassware is used to serve beer and beer-related mixed drinks.  These are often used to serve wheat beers and, of course, pilsners.

Pint glass

Pint glasses are tapered from the top down. They are used for holding water, soda, or beer.

Hurricane glasses

Hurricane glasses are named after the shape of a hurricane lamp. These tall glasses are designed to hold fruity cocktails and tropical drinks.

Margarita glasses

Margarita glasses have a large, bowl-shaped cup sitting atop a long stem.  Their wide rims are often coated with salt or sugar to complement the beverage.

Rocks glasses

Also known as old fashioned glasses or lowball glasses, rocks glasses are short and round. They are used for cocktails and mixed drinks served on the rocks.

Collins glasses

Named after a drink called Tom Collins, these glasses are tall and can be used to hold mixed drinks and frosted drinks.

Shot glass

Shot glasses are of two types: The regular shot glass is 2 inches tall and tall shot glasses can shoot up to 6 inches high. Shot glasses are for a single shot drink.

Brandy snifters

Brandy snifters have a short stem to hold and are used for serving brandies.

Red wine glasses

Red wine glasses are stemmed glasses with a larger rim. Stemless wine glasses can also be used for red wine since wine is served at room temperature and would not be affected by the warmth of hand touch.

White wine glasses

White wine bar glasses have a smaller rim than the red and a slightly different shape to the bowl. The stemmed glasses keep wine chilled for a longer period.

Sherry glasses

Sherry glasses are a bit smaller than red wine glasses. They are used to hold fortified wines, like port, or wines. These glasses trap the distinct aroma of sherry.

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