Typing Machines and Accessories Pricing and Costs

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A typing machine can come in handy for a number of business purposes, such as filling in forms and adding typed text to other types of ...

A typing machine can come in handy for a number of business purposes, such as filling in forms and adding typed text to other types of existing documents, but keep in mind the added cost of maintaining typewriters and getting typing accessories. Electronic typewriters and classic, antique typewriters come in a variety of price ranges for whatever your business need.

In addition to the cost of the typewriter itself, typing machine accessories that you will need to purchase include ribbon and printwheels. Other accessories to keep in mind are paper for daily use and replacement keys if your portable typing machine requires service.

Calculate typing machines and accessories pricing and costs before you buy to decide if a typewriter is right for your business:

  1. Shop for electronic typing machines for an economical word processing option;
  2. Browse ribbons and printwheels to estimate costs for typing accessories;
  3. Use a collector's guide to estimate costs for an antique typing machine.

Buy typing machines for current office use at comparatively low rates

Typing machine distributors sell a wide range of current electronic typewriters for modern business use. These machines are a cost-efficient option for basic word processing and for specialized word processing needs like adding text to existing documents that may not feed well through a computer printer. For a basic electronic machine, you can expect to pay between $100 and $500.

Get typing supplies online for your electronic typewriter

Include an estimated cost for typing accessories in your overall pricing of using a typewriter in your business. Typing supplies are a less expensive option than printer cartridges, with printwheels typically costing about $30 and black ribbon between $3 and $10 for a single cartridge.

Find an antique typing machine for sale with a collector's guide

Antique typewriters can add a distinctive touch to your company's appearance and character, while still providing the same basic functions of a typing machine. The best way to estimate typing machines and accessories pricing and costs for antique models of typewriters is with a pricing or collectors guide. Most antique typewriters, like electronic typewriters, cost $100-$400 or less, while rare collectibles may cost $1,000 or more.

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