Unusual Way a Chance Meeting at a Blood Bank Breaks Your Business Stagnation - Part 2 of 2

Business.com / Marketing Solutions / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Overcome your business' stagnation by doing what the most profitable companies in the world do...follow up with their customers.

In part 1, I shared how the chance meeting at the Blood Bank can break your business' stagnation and vault you into a growth pattern for 2014.

I promised to share more details on how you could capitalize on the big 3 trends for 2014.

1) Mobile Continues to Rise

Remember 93.3% of small business websites DON'T look good on smart phones.

When people hear or see your ad many of them will immediately pull your offer up on their phone. If your site displays poorly they stop right there and usually will never consider buying from you again. You might as well have taken a lighter to the Benjamins you wasted on that ad. Worse, you tainted these prospects and drove them into the arms of your competitors.

I'm not saying you have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a separate mobile site. You just need to make sure your website sizes and displays properly on all different types of smartphones and tablets.

This is a bit technical so ask your advisors for a referral you trust.

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2) Videos

Do you see people reading more or watching more these days? People aren't reading nearly as much as they once did according to the Boston Globe study. But they are watching more videos online according to ComScore. And the great thing about YouTube is Google covers the expense and handles all the technology so your video displays and plays well on smartphones and all other types of devices.

Video gets clicked on 41% more than other listings showing up in Google and can double your search traffic because of the video thumbnail image according to eConsultancy. And video is the most powerful sales tool available to you other than being face to face or on the phone with your prospects.

So overcome your fear and get on camera. Or at least have your best salesman or the "face of your company" get on video representing your company.

This is a great example of a low cost video that went viral in 2013. Hint: Notice the title "Xmas Jammies"

(Notice the plug at the end. Users don't resent it because the overall video is so good.)

YouTube advertising is an up-and-coming avenue. You can get super cheap visitors to your website. These are ads that show on other people's videos related to what you offer.

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3) Hidden Gold- Customer Follow-up Via E-mail and Print

The companies I talked to said sales doubled or tripled when they implemented a customer follow-up plan.

Yet so few businesses follow-up consistently. Many owners tell me, "I know I should be but just haven't yet." I talk with them 6 months later and still no movement. So how do you break this stagnation to unlock these profits? Hire a service to do this for you. The small dollars invested will be worth it.

If you choose to do-it-yourself, then think of your once-a-month flagship communication as a mini magazine where you deliver relevant and useful articles your customers care about. It can be just two 300 to 400 word articles. It doesn't have to be super long. And of course you can include a special offer or invite them to a company event you're hosting.

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Why Focus on Customer Follow-Up?

Because it's just so profitable for the low amount of dollars invested. You've already spent heavily to get them as a new customer. They liked you enough to buy from you. Assuming you provided them a good experience they're much more likely to buy from you again than somebody who's never bought from you.

Overcome your business' stagnation by doing what the most profitable companies in the world do...follow up with their customers consistently and get them to refer.

2014 can be a great year for you and your business. Stick with the process because that's what you can control. Implement everyday. Don't worry about things outside your control.

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