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Beer tap handles can serve not only a functional purpose, but also a decorative one as well. There are times when custom beer tap ...

Beer tap handles can serve not only a functional purpose, but also a decorative one as well. There are times when custom beer tap handles are more appropriate then others. Just as there are times when beer keg taps are best just serving their purpose. A lot of this decision comes from when and where your beer keg handles are going to be displayed.

Beer tap handles can range significantly depending on how you plan on using beer tap handles. If the keg is going to remain behind the bar at your establishment, it probably doesn't make as much sense to have decorative beer tap handles as it would if you were hosting a social event and the keg was in a central location to the guests. Consider all of these issues and more when selecting your beer tap handle:

1. Only spend the extra money on custom beer tap handles when guests are actually going to see the handle.

2. Out of several beer tap handles you may have on hand it is not necessary for them all to be personalized beer tap handles.

3. If beer tap handles add to the decor of your establishment, consider them more as an investment.

Consider the placement of the beer tap handles before making your decision

A generic beer tap handle can be purchased for less then $20 where a novelty or custom beer tap handle can run anywhere from $45 to $75. The extra money doesn't make much sense if the beer tap handles will only be seen by you and your employees. However, if you are hosting an event or catering a party and the keg will be in a visible spot, a custom beer tap handle with your company's name on it may pay itself off when the guests take notice.

Buy a few custom beer tap handles to round out the run-of-the-mill handles

Having a mix of generic beer tap handles and personalized handles can allow you some versatility when it comes to your business. If most often you serve beer from kegs behind the bar, but on occasion you host an outdoor promotional event or offer catering services on the side, consider purchasing one or two custom designed beer keg tap handles for the events, but then use the cheaper generic handles on a regular basis. Saving the custom handles for special events will not only lower the chances of something happening to them, but it will even out your budget rather then purchasing all custom handles that are only seen a few times a month.

Consider what beer tap handles can offer the decor of your establishment

Depending on the set-up of your bar or restaurant, you may be able to display the beer tap pulls in a way that they add to the ambiance of your business. If this is the case, spending more money on each handle will be worth it because they will constantly be on display. And if each of the keg beer handles is labelled with your customer's beer of choice, it will ease in their selection process as well. These are instances where spending more on each handle is a smart budgetary decision.
  • It is smart to have an extra beer tap handle or two on hand in case one breaks or walks off in the wrong hands.

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