Using Microloans to (Finally) Operate at a Profit / Funding / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Small businesses looking to grow should not forget about microloans. View our infographic on the latest stats and data.

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Access to funding isn’t always easy for small businesses. With 66% of businesses operating at a loss, microloans can be a great way for entrepreneurs to fund or grow a business. This form of small business financing can be an appropriate option for startups with lower capital requirements and a limited operating history. But with varying fees, terms, interest rates and the like, how do you decide if microlending is right for you? By downloading our Microlending for Small Businesses infographic – that’s how!

Our Microlending for Small Businesses infographic is completely free.

Click on the Image Below to Download the Facts:

  • 66% of companies operate at a loss
  • The maximum SBA microloan is $50K
  • Microloan interest rates average 8.18%
  • Repayment terms typically 2 months to 5 years
Download Infographic

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