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A business has to find new ways to procure leads to maintain quality without breaking the bank. Using your company blog as a lead...

Maybe you've already heard the phrase that "leads are the lifeblood of a company." Whilst this is perfectly true, a business has to find new ways to procure leads to maintain quality without breaking the bank. Using your company blog as a lead generation tool is one of them.

You might think, but how is this possible if I'm writing articles about my products and no one seems to be interested in reading them? Before answering your question let's explain some of the basic elements that you need to understand before writing good content that attracts potential customers and sales.

The Buying Cycle

Customers go through different stages before buying a service or a product. The diagram below shows the five different stages of the buying cycle:

buying process

First, customers will go through the awareness stage. This refers to the stage where potential buyers are aware of the need that they want to fulfil.

The next stage is referred to, as the consideration stage whereby customers will start shopping around for different products and services in order to satisfy their initial need. This is a crucial stage where customers will start searching online using specific keywords for the different solutions available on the market. If your site ranks high in major search engines for these keywords, your solution will be compared to the other solutions that are available. A customer at this stage will be comparing product features, pricing and other things such as whether you provide any free product trials.

A decision is then made and the customer will eventually buy the best product/solution based on the information that he's obtained in the other stages of the buying cycle.

Selecting the Right Content Topics

It is very important to write articles that target readers in each stage of the cycle. Let's say that you sell business security software and want to target potential customers that are in the awareness stage. You can write a series of articles on why it is important to protect your business network.

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A common problem that authors make is that they only write articles targeting potential customers that are in the final stage of the buying cycle i.e. the purchasing stage. This will limit the web traffic of your blog and decrease the chances that some of your readers will convert to leads at a later stage.

Capturing Leads

The next step is to convert your traffic into leads. While blog content is used to get traffic, other downloadable content options such as ebooks, tip sheets, free trials and whitepapers are used to capture the leads by gaining contact information. You can promote the various other mediums in the form of text ads or banners throughout your blog.

The ads should be connected to a landing page with concise information about your product together with the downloadable content. You can experiment with the design and content of the landing page until you start getting the highest number of leads possible. When you finally capture the leads you can use them for a call out or an email campaign, among other things.

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This is a guest post written by Gilbert Zammit, a Lead Gen. Consultant for several IT companies. He is also the Founder of IT Channel Insight, a site for providers offering it managed services.

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