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Vegetable juice can be a great alternative as well as a quick way to get that recommended daily vegetable serving. Experts recommend ...

Vegetable juice can be a great alternative as well as a quick way to get that recommended daily vegetable serving. Experts recommend getting at least two to three servings of vegetables every day. You can include carrots, spinach, tomatoes, celery or beets in your veggie juice, or you can add a combination of two or more for mixed vegetable juice. Regardless, vegetable based juice still contains the same amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

First, focus on where you want to make your vegetable juice, whether it's from a home-based business, a factory or a retail facility. As a vegetable juice wholesaler or distributor, market to grocery stores, restaurants or school cafeterias. Second, to ensure quality vegetable juice, buy fresh, colorful vegetables from farmers' markets or vegetable distributors, or grow your own. Equipment such as juicers should also be included in your vegetable juice shop, along with materials for bottling or canning vegetable juice. Before mixing your vegetable juice cocktail:

1. Find enough vegetable filters to remove pulp, dirt and debris.

2. Buy juicers or extractors that produce the most vegetable juice.

3. Supply your vegetable juice shop with pasteurizers that help prolong the flavor and shelf life of your product.

Look for filters equipped to handle vegetable juice

Shop for self-cleaning liquid filters that are suitable for making vegetable juice. Some filters include automatic and pump controls, pressure monitors and other filtration components.

Purchase juicers or extractors that give you 100% vegetable juice

Find manufacturers that provide the right machinery for handling raw vegetable juice, and other food and beverage applications.

Use pasteurizers to help vegetable juice retain its freshness

Pasteurization systems such as brewing and heat transfer technology add to the quality of vegetable based juice.
  • Grow or purchase organic vegetables to include in your vegetable juice recipes. Many vegetable juice companies are selling more organic brands. Organic vegetable juice is considered healthier because no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals were used to grow the vegetables.

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