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To secure competitive venture capital jobs, education and training is paramount to success. With many venture capital job candidates ...

To secure competitive venture capital jobs, education and training is paramount to success. With many venture capital job candidates vying for few positions, you need to ensure you have the best education and training to qualify you for any venture capital career opportunity.

For optimum venture capital employment opportunities, you need to understand all aspects of investing, proper negotiation skills to close a deal and how to manage VC projects from start to finish. As you consider jobs in venture capital, you should:

1. Understand the educational requirements necessary to secure a VC job.

2. Intern at a reputable venture capital firm for hands-on training and to establish yourself in the VC industry.

3. Use venture capital industry resources to search for potential vc jobs in the venture capital sector.

Follow educational requirements when you seek a venture capital career

To successfully prepare for venture capital jobs, education and training with a focus on finance is the foundation. A Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis on finance is an important and critical step in securing a job in venture capital.
University of Michigan Ross School of Business. The Center for Venture Capital and Private Equity Finance, part of the Ross School of Business, fosters knowledge in every aspect of venture capital for successful preparation for a venture capital career. Choose programs from reputable business schools such as Wharton or Harvard as a foundation for careers in venture capital.

Intern at a venture capital firm to gain experience and to network

Increase your VC job prospects and intern in the field of venture capital. The experience you gain, coupled with the contacts you make in the industry, can lead to fruitful venture capital job opportunities.

Utilize VC industry resources to locate potential venture capital careers

From venture capital directories to nationally and internationally-recognized VC associations, take advantage of reputable resources as a way to find VC internship possibilities, seminars and webinars to further your training in venture capital and to locate venture capital job openings.
  • Familiarize yourself with the MoneyTree Report, a venture capital publication used by companies that seek VC and the venture capital firms that provide it.

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