How to Make the Most of Video Conferencing Software / Technology / Last Modified: April 27, 2017

Video conferencing has changed the way meetings are conducted. Are you using it right?

Video conferencing has changed the way meetings are conducted. Employees no longer have to travel long distances to attend meetings, saving companies time and money. Additionally, with the advancements in this technology and the proper equipment, sound and image quality of meetings are clear and detailed.

There are numerous video conferencing systems available. Once your company has found a system that will meet your specific needs, there are a few things to keep in mind when using this technology.

Ensure you have high-quality equipment and that it is working properly

When setting up your system, make sure you have high-quality equipment. If you choose to save money and purchase cheaper items, you may have video conference meetings with poor sound and image quality. Equipment is an expense you don’t want to cheat yourself on.

Furthermore, encourage your employees to arrive at meetings early to test the system and ensure everything is working correctly. It can be frustrating for all parties when a meeting is delayed due to an issue that could have been fixed prior to the gathering.

Use systems with collaboration capabilities

An efficient way to keep meetings running is to share documents on the conference screen. This allows you to collaborate with others on certain projects and events without filling each other’s inboxes.

Carefully consider the system’s location before installation

Where you choose to conduct most of your video conferencing meetings is critical to the success of your meetings. You need rooms with proper lighting. Be aware of glares from windows and glass-covered wall coverings such as paintings or photographs. Avoid artificial lighting in a room as it may affect the vividness of the video conference. Also be wary of any room that echoes. Echoes make it difficult for all individuals to hear and understand the content being presenting during the meeting.

Teach employees proper video conferencing etiquette

If you are a manager and video conferencing is new to your company, your co-workers may benefit from etiquette training. Teach employees how to properly use the microphone. It can pick up mumbles and noises that you may not want individuals to hear. Employees should learn to maintain eye contact with the camera and never shout when speaking. It is also wise to avoid asking “Can you hear me?” every time you begin speaking. If others present at the meeting cannot hear you, they will let you know.

Don’t stress out

For some individuals, knowing they are on camera can make them shy and timid. They may not voice their opinion, provide feedback or present in a professional manner. Video conferencing systems are simply an easy way to communicate with others. They shouldn’t cause you to be reclusive. During your meetings, watch your body language and ensure you are being professional and attentive to the meeting. If the camera makes you cautious, don’t focus on it, but rather the content being presented.

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