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Growth Hacking Your Sales Strategy: The 11 Essentials Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

Vin Clancy
Vin Clancy

If you don't focus on this core list of sales essentials, you will lose qualified leaders.

Do your friends and clients keep reminding you that your business website isn't showing up on their iPhones? Are your sales teams making jokes about how few follow-ups they do without you knowing? Do you dodge people's calls and justify it as busy? Hustling too hard to make a call? Too much grind to follow up with warm prospects? Your website links don't all work? But that's okay; your clients don't mind a broken site, a missed call or a late follow-up email.


If I was sent back in time, with the mission to train a sales army to dominate online sales, here's what I would do: scale the sales team a little, train people to be managers rather than employees, train them to track their visitors turning into leads, nurture those hot leads into prospects, create a gamification strategy to turn more prospects into sales, track (and reward) customers who bring in referrals and create raving fans out of my happiest customers.

However, first I'd take a hard look at the sales essentials that are usually falling through the cracks and make the whole team accountable to finding solutions or fixes to these core sales items.

If you don't focus on this core list of sales essentials online, you will lose hundreds, maybe thousands, of qualified leads. Here is my sales essentials list of core principles:

1. Build a website that is lightening fast

Make sure that Cloudflare or another content delivery network (CDN) is keeping the website server to your visitors fast. This prevents a high bounce rate (people who only visit one web page and leave).

2. Have a plan in place to edit content, pages, landing pages and images on your website

Be aware and have a working relationship with your website administrator. Be able to make changes the same day. Think in terms of hours, not weeks.

3. Educate yourself on search engine optimization and keywords

Know enough about SEO to be able to make monthly improvements and keep sharpening your knowledge on blogs and content marketing.

4. Test the mobile version of your website, your landing pages, your emails and your online ads

Make sure mobile works first. Then fix any desktop or laptop visual issues. Take care of your mobile user base.

5. Always be collecting emails on every page of your website

Have an opt-in for free content or consulting that gets people further along your funnel. In many respects, the long-term health of an e-commerce company is how many emails they add to their list each day.

6. Automate your funnel once you have it tested

Do not have moving parts of your funnel that rely on humans. Get automation in place whatever the cost. After you automate your funnel make sure to automate your data reports to make sure to spot problems or bottleneck issues in your funnel.

And make sure your website, funnels and emails all have the pixel tracking code set up on them so you can retarget and serve Facebook ads to that audience later. Clkim is great for grabbing pixels from people clicking links also, whether you are linking to your own site or someone else’s.

8. Collect all your emails into an auto responder

Use Call Sling for automating sales calls, Auto Pilot HQ to assist with SMS and email marketing and drip emails on them for follow-up or with offers.

9. Make an editorial follow-up with all of your leads monthly

Never stop following up with leads on a monthly cycle. Send them free content, a call, an email or a message. Keep touch points on all leads monthly and don't give up on them until they ask you to remove them from your list.

10. Always acquire customers at a low cost

Use the unique selling point of price to build a relationship and get them sold, then upsell later with your higher add-ons as they need them.

11. Invoice and close sales quickly to avoid buyers remorse in a purchase

Automate this step if possible and get clients on the phone for sales over $1,000. Make sure to address all objections and turn them into benefits of benefits to close the sale.

The above will kick your conversion rate into high gear.

So many of you out there reading this will not be able to execute on these sales tactics. They require courage putting yourself into a sales role. These are essential because your customers are spending hours on their phones. They are consuming loads of mobile internet and social media. It's your job to be there and to bring them into your funnel. Gone are the days of just calls and emails. You need to carve time for texting, Instagram direct messages, Facebook messages and Skype calls. Your clients are sitting on social media waiting for you. Address their pain point, attract them to your service, convert and close them, then delight them out of their minds so they become your raving fans.

Referrals are not just word of mouth. They come from being tagged in a post. Being introduced via direct message. Answering someone's Facebook rant with a helpful free or low-cost solution that instantly alleviates pain is an awesome way of connecting with potential customers. People are not going to reach out to your toll-free number. They will reach out where their most comfortable channel is.

Do you know what your target clients most comfortable social media platform is? Your goal is to narrow into the one or two highest return on investment channels where you can execute your sales funnel and answer people's questions related to your industry.

What are your favorite social hacks? Throw them in the comments below!

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