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Waiters and waitresses are the heart of every establishment. They not only serve your customers, but they are responsible for ensuring ...

Waiters and waitresses are the heart of every establishment. They not only serve your customers, but they are responsible for ensuring every patron has what they need. In order for them to do their job successfully, they need to have a work area that allows them to do their sidework and have access to necessary tools. If that means having multiple mounted stations or galley stations, combining more than one type of waiter and waitress station is the key to your success.

Maitre d', hostess stations

A maitre d' station, also referred to as a hostess station, is typically the podium placed at the front door where the hostess stands to greet customers. Maitre d' stations have a flat top for keeping track of the servers' tables as well as shelves for menus and silverware. The front of the station is also usually where the restaurant's logo is displayed.


Sidework is the work that needs to be done around the restaurant to keep it running smoothly and to prepare for the next shift. Sidework includes rolling silverware, stocking plates and glasses at the server station, sweeping the floor, and many other side jobs that are essential to the duties of a wait staff.

Mounted stations

Mounted stations are metal rails that can be attached to an already existing bar or service area. Although the mounted rail doesn't provide extra work space, the idea is that it separates already cramped service areas. The rails come in different shapes and sizes and are portable in order to accommodate you in a way that is specific to your needs.

Point of sale, POS

A point of sale (POS) station is one which includes a system computer that allows the servers to order food and run payment for their customers. POS stations expedite the restaurant experience by allowing each waiter or waitress to be in charge of their customer from the beginning to the end of their dining experience.

Service carts

Service carts are mobile waiter and waitress stations. These carts have wheels and can be moved all around your establishment. Service carts also often serve multiple purposes such as clearing tables as well as storing extra silverware and menus.

Galley stations

Galley stations are located in the kitchen or by the buffet if you have one. Galley stations are for more than just the waiters and waitresses. They store supplies for the entire restaurant including extra condiments and napkins.

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